Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/8/00  

By Jackye Nice

Reva asks Noah how many fingers she is holding up. She then tells him awake and wrong is better than unconscious. Reva gets Rick and tells him Noah is awake. She goes to use the phone while Rick runs some tests on Noah.

Cassie tells Richard she can cheer him up with a game of pool. The phone rings, Cassie answers and it is Reva. She asks her to come to Springfield and bring Richard. Cassie agrees and Reva says she has to tell Richard about something involving San Cristebel. After Cassie hangs up, Richard asks if Reva is in trouble. Cassie says yes and it involves San Cristebel.  

Beth tells Jim about her childhood where she collected green stamps to get stuff and cutting coupons. She tells Jim her first prize was a waffle iron that her mom still uses. She tells Jim she will do anything so that they have enough money to have another baby. Susan overhears and gets upset, saying Gross! Not again!

Michelle tells Danny it was her fault, she asks him to forgive her. She tells him about her talk with Meta. She goes on telling him about all the fears that surfaced when May told her about her affair with Danny. Danny tells her he has been thinking about what Ray told them in his hospital room, she says she has been too. He tells her they are going to have to say goodbye to a lot. He tells her that he gave up the family business, Abuella made it easy for him to get out. She says now there is nothing in her way, they owe it to their baby, their family to try again. He tells her everything will be different now.

May gives Tony a forwarding address to send her last check. Tony tells her not to leave, Danny and Michelle aren't a done deal and if they are she can hang around with him.

Danny tells Rick to say goodbye to Michelle tonight. He says Michelle may be in danger and he doesn't want to risk it. Rick goes to see Michelle, just as Reva runs into Danny. Rick asks Michelle if she is scared, she says it's the only way to make a clean break from Danny's family. he tells her this worries him, she assures him it won't be forever. She says the only way she won't go is if it will endanger the baby, and he has to be honest with her. He tells her the baby is fine, but since Claire is her OB/GYN she has to get her clearance. They exchange I love you's and Rick leaves.

Jim and Beth tell Susan they weren't broadcasting the news to anyone. She says especially not to the adopted kid. They reassure her that she is not just the adopted kid, she is linked to them in many ways. She asks to call San Cristebel to talk to Edmond.

Reva thanks Danny for saving their lives. Danny says they have the wrong man, Reva says she heard everything. Danny tells her that if it is a hot story, go with it. She asks if it will have a bad effect on the man, whoever he was. Danny says he won't be around to find out then tells her that he and Michelle are leaving town tonight. Reva asks about the other people, Danny assures her that they are on their way to Chicago with ID's and money to get started with a new life. She wishes him and Michelle good luck. After Danny leaves, Noah tells her that even though Danny encouraged her to use her story, he has a million reasons not to. She tells him she is tired of him telling her what she can and can't do. CBS Special Report :( 3:25 to 3:31

Edmond asks Susan if Beth is pregnant, she tells him no, not yet. She goes on about how it doesn't matter what she thinks because she is just the adopted kid. Edmond reassures her that she is more than that, if not to them to him. After he gets off the phone, he asks Richard and Cassie if he can catch a ride with them to Springfield.

May tells Danny she left an address for her last paycheck to be sent. He tells May and Tony that he and Michelle are leaving for good the next day. Danny tells Tony that the Infernio could all be his. Tony wonders if Abuella would let him run it after Danny wouldn't let him work there. Danny gives him the keys and instructions on giving money to Ray occasionally. Tony tells him not to worry, he won't screw the place up. Danny tells May he wants her to continue working there, she wishes him good luck. After Danny walks away, she tells Tony that she told Michelle about her and Danny.

Claire asks Michelle if she is only doing this because she is scared, Michelle says they will be ok. Claire says anyone who wants to get to Danny will go through Michelle and the baby. Michelle tells Claire that Danny is out of the family business. Claire makes Michelle promise she will always think of herself and the baby's safety first.

Josh tells Reva he had a hard time with Marah and Shayne, they were worried about her. Reva tells Josh that they had hot water, food, warmth~~ all that they needed~ right? He says yes, she tells him there are places where people don't have that. She was trying to help get that for them. Olivia asks if they are supposed to count their blessings? Reva says yes, Olivia says no wonder Marah is dating a junior mobster, Shayne fingers his lacrosse stick like worry beads, and Josh divorced her! Reva says she doesn't have to explain herself, she is a good mother. Olivia says self-proclaimed. Josh tells them he will leave them and maybe some maturity will come out on both their parts. Olivia says that she was left to raise Reva's family and handle all their worry. Reva says she was not forced, no one locked her in. She chose to be there for Josh and her kids. She tells Olivia she isn't apologizing or feeling guilty. Josh tells them enough, Reva tells Olivia if she had her own life she wouldn't be so quick to judge hers. Reva goes to call the kids, Olivia tells Josh that Reva pushes all her buttons then creates new ones! She hates that! Josh tells Olivia that Reva is Noah's problem now.

Cassie moves some of their bags and almost faints. As she runs for the bathroom with Richard behind her, Edmond pulls Rourke aside. He tells him to take the garter to Springfield and lose it at the casino there. He tells him he will arrange for Colonel Dax to find out about it.

May tells Tony about her talk with Claire and going to see Michelle. Danny overhears and says he should have known Claire was involved. Danny says goodbye and leaves. Tony turns on "Who let the dogs out" and starts dancing. May turns away and begins to cry.

Claire asks Rick if he knew, then asks why he didn't try to stop her. Rick says he trusts Michelle to make her own decisions. She will be fine. Claire asks if he is an idiot! He tells her to tell him what he doesn't already know. She turns away, Rick turns her back to him and she is crying. he says now you have me worried too.