Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/7/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Shayne, Sam, Susan, Max, and Marah go over the plans that they are making to attend the out of town concert and the making of the illegal CD's that they have been making and selling to finance the trip. They only have to sell 37 more and they will have acquired enough to finance the trip, Sam notes. Shayne is more concerned with how they think that they are going to come up with an excuse to get to Chicago, over night at that. Sam remarks that he and Marah can tell Josh and Olivia that they are going to check out schools in the area for college. As for Max and Susan, they could be going along to check out a dance troupe that is planning the same night as the concert. Shayne decides that the plan is too risky for his taste and bows out of the planning stages. Marah is still fuming that she is grounded from being seen by Josh at the Inferno with Tony Santos. As if on cue, Tony arrives at the house and Marah tells him that he has to go. Tony tells her to relax. He knows where Josh is and the service will be extra slow tonight per his instructions.

At the Inferno, Josh is indeed having problems getting service for a drink. He is joined by Olivia who makes a little more progress at obtaining her drink than Josh has. She gives him the papers that Ross has messenger to him and they are the divorce papers from Reva. Josh remarks that he is single again. Noah and Reva are still tied up and the goons in charge are hounding them for the amount of information that they know about the operation. Noah finally tells them his name but passes out. They begin to interrogate Reva but she is not forthcoming in information either. They tell her that she can do it the easy way or the hard way. Suddenly, there is a loud knock on the door and the tormentors leave to investigate. Outside, they are joined by a livid Danny who insists that they close down the operation and scatter the people that they have just brought into the country. That is after giving them a thousand dollars apiece so that they can get started. Then they are to drop Reva and Noah off at the hospital and close down the operation pronto. Danny gives them no choice and they start the plans to do as he says. He is not pleased at all that his grandmother went behind his back and did this.

Back at the Lewis', Marah is livid that Tony wimped out on her the night that Josh caught them together. She basically accuses him of being a chicken, Tony tries to tell her that she has to know that Josh had them dead to rights and that there was nothing else to do but respect the man's wishes. Although Shayne admires Tony for his admiration of his dad, it is short-lived when Tony hatches a plan in which they can sell 500 more illegal CD's. After making a call to a contact for the sale, Tony tells them that the deal is on and that all they have to do is make the CD's and sell them for $6.00 a piece. He will get $1.00 off of each of them and the remaining money will go to finance the trip to the concert. Everyone but Shayne is happy about the prospect of going to the concert in style. They struggle to figure out how to manage to burn that many CD's so quickly and come up with the idea of going into the Lewis's computers and the Spaulding computer. Deciding the venture is too rich for his blood, Shayne places an SOS call to his father to get him to come home.

Josh and Olivia were in the middle of discussing the divorce when the call comes through from Shayne and they hurry back to the house to try and discover what is going on. Everyone has left with the exception of Shayne, Marah and Tony. Suddenly, Josh enters the living room and Tony ducks behind the sofa. Josh interrogates Marah and she realizes that Shayne ratted her out. She tells him about the people coming over and that Tony was asked to leave. (I never did figure out how he got out of the house). Marah asks Josh if she can go to the Lewis offices to do some homework on the web site there. Although he wonders why she can't use her own computer, she tells him that it is a relic and that she needs to download a lot of work and he agrees for her to go.

At the hospital, Harley and Frank try unsuccessfully to get a straight answer out of Buzz as to what happened. He refuses to answer any of their questions. When Susan and Sam arrive, he orders them all out but her. He tells her that the stories of his demise have been stretched a bit and that she is stuck with him. She tells him that she is glad. He falls asleep and she leaves the room to find Harley wanting a detailed story of what he told her. Basically that he loved her she says. Then she ask Philip if she can go to the computers at Spaulding to write this involved history paper. Philip agrees and gives her the password to the computers. Sam offers to accompany her there and Harley gives her permission, unaware that they are going there to burn the CD's for the illegal sales that they plan to make.

Noah and Reva are drug to the hospital ER and left. Reva calls for help and they are taken into the ER department and Noah is admitted for treatment.

A furious Danny confronts his grandmother about the illegal immigrations. Maria tries to explain what she was doing and why but Danny wants no part of it. He tells her that Michelle is pregnant and is willing to try again and that is all that he wants. He is out. He never was the head of the family anyway because she was going to do as she pleased anyway he spits. He leaves and she makes a hurried call and tells the other person that they have a problem. Danny visits Michelle at the hospital and she tells him that she is better since Claire has given her some medication for the back spasms. He tells her that he must explain about May but she tells him that she understands. After all, she left, served him with divorce papers and that should have been enough to make him think that it was all right to move on with his life. She is not happy about the situation with May and is a little jealous but they make strides towards a reconciliation.

Josh and Olivia are in the middle of talking about their future plans. Josh likens a new relationship to building a house. He continues with the comparison when he gets a frantic call from Reva. She is at the hospital and needs for him to come right away. He agrees and he and Olivia leave for the hospital as a worried Shayne and Marah stay behind.