Guiding Light Update Monday 11/6/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Reva struggles with the two men, she tells them she wants to speak to who ever is in charge. They lock her in a dark room.

Maria asks if Buzz is AWOL, he says their unfinished business couldn't wait. He tells her the lives of his friends and family depend on it.

Michelle tells Danny that May brought her a flower. Danny gives her the flowers and tells her Happy Birthday. She goes over the events of her day including May telling her about her affair with Danny. She says Happy Birthday to me. Danny asks May what she is doing, she says helping get his wife back. May says she was just telling her the truth. Michelle asks Danny if it is the truth? May says she doesn't understand, she wasn't telling her anything she didn't know. Michelle says this is the first time she's heard, she wishes Danny would have told her. Danny says he was going to tell her. Michelle says Danny should thank May, it would have been hard for him to tell her. Michelle tells Danny she wants to be alone, she'll call him when she's ready. May tells Michelle she'll leave town, she won't be working for Danny anymore. Danny tells her to wait in the hall for him. Michelle tells Danny to go to May, she's devastated . She assures him she will call him. Danny goes into the hall. May tells him she's sorry she messed things up. She asks if he thinks she did it on purpose, he says he doesn't know. She says her tips from Ana should get her a bus ticket. Claire listens.

Maria asks what Buzz wants to know. He asks what Danny knows and finds his instincts were right, Danny doesn't know anything. He asks who Maria suspected in Miguel's death, he knows not Carmen. He insinuates that she is responsible for his beating. He asks if himself, his family, and his friends should be afraid. She gives him her word that they don't have to be afraid. She says if Carmen were alive and she found out what they know, she couldn't. he says but she is dead. As he gets up to leave, she says she answered his questions, now he can answer hers.

Reva trys unsuccessfully to untie her hands. She begins talking to Diego. She tells him that Ramonna knows how much he loved her, she kept her promise. She wonders who will tell her children about her. She yells ok, I'm scared. The guards bring Noah in, he appears to be unconscious. He awakes and tells her to get off his chest, he can't breathe. She blames him for getting himself in there, he blames her for not leaving when she had the chance. He tells her they only need one commander, one with experience. He says it's him. She kisses him.

Maria tells Buzz that woman like Selena don't deserve men like her Miguel and buzz. She says she won't tell Selena how she found her, she is old and just wants to see her grandchild before she dies. Buzz says he doesn't know where she is and if he did, he wouldn't tell her. He asks about their deal. he says Carmen is dead, Selena is gone and she found out what she wanted to know about her son's death. She says ok, she offers to have her chauffeur ride him back to the hospital, he says no thanks. As he walks away, she says something in Spanish.

Danny tells May she doesn't have to leave Springfield. She says she does like it here. He says they are friends, that doesn't have to change. She says it always does. She says she wants things to work out for him with Michelle, he says he wants things to work out for her too. He leaves, Claire comes over. may asks why she gave her such bad advice. Claire tells May that Danny and his family are dangerous, she tells her about incidents with Mick and Carmen. Claire says if Danny is through with her too, she did her a favor. May says she wishes she didn't. Claire says she'd do anything for Michelle and leaves.

Claire tells Michelle how she used to celebrate her birthday, thinking about her. Michelle tells Claire about May coming to visit and telling her about her affair with Danny. Michelle says she is incredibly lucky she didn't lose Danny. Claire asks how she can forgive him so easily? Meta comes in. Meta becomes sarcastic with Claire and she leaves. Pilar comes in, she sees Abuella slumped over and rushes to her side. Abuella awakens. Danny comes in and they order Abuella to get some rest. Before she goes, she tells Danny their family finally has a leader worthy of the name Santos.

Noah tells Reva he has something to say, he tells her she i a hell of a woman. he goes back over the events since Diego's death, and times with her children and job. He tells her he's in love with her, he has never told anyone that before. She tells him he is amazing, she doesn't know how he changed her mind from keeping men as just friends, colleagues and ex-husband's. She says he's wonderful and she's lucky to know him. he says he feels like she just told him he has great hair. The guards come in and pull Reva up and force her onto a chair.

Michelle tells Meta about Danny's affair and Claire wanting her to be angrier. Meta tells her it's up to her if she trusts Danny and May's affair is over. She says he is a loyal man and asks Michelle about his loyalty to his family. Michelle tells Meta that Father Ray told them that people aren't perfect, they can change with the help of love. She also tells Meta he knows what he is giving up now. She says she believes the goodness in him could come out if he was away from his family. She tells Meta she can't give up. Meta gives her a picture of two hands reaching for each other. She relates it to Michelle and Danny. Michelle thanks Meta. Meta tells her to rest, and if she sees Claire she'll tell her Michelle is napping. Meta goes into the hall, Buzz enters through a door. Meta says hello, he says hello and falls.

A man comes in looking for Maria. Danny asks what he wants, he says he is only allowed to tell Maria. Danny slaps him and tells him to talk to him. Reva and Noah are put on chairs. The guards say they are there to find out what Reva thinks she is going and who Noah is. Noah says at least he knows he has great hair! A guard hits him.