Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/2/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Harley and Frank are at the hospital at Buzz's bedside. They are trying to determine what happened to him when Frank found him unconscious on the firehouse floor. Frank tells Harley that the struggle seemed confined to the bedroom and entrance and the interesting thing is that Selena is gone and all of her clothing and belongings are too. The doctor comes in and says that Buzz is stable and will recover but he has sustained several injuries. He advises them to be patient and wait until Buzz regains consciousness so that can find out exactly what happened to him. Harley says that patience is not one of the family's strong suits. Buzz regains consciousness but refuses to tell them anything about what happened and where Selena is if he knew. He swears that he doesn't remember but Harley finds that difficult to believe. She asks about Selena and he says that they had a fight and broke up. Just like that, Harley quizzes? Give it up, he isn't telling her anything. 

Down the hall in the hospital, Frank runs into Danny. Although Danny thinks that Frank may believe he is responsible for the beating, Frank tells him that for once his family may be in the clear that there seems to be a connection between the Marler robbery, Selena's robbery and Buzz's beating. It all seems to be connected to information that Selena had regarding his father's death and the book implicated Selena in the series of events leading to the murder. Claire talks with Danny and explains that while she will not try to stop the reconciliation of him and Michelle, that he must take steps to be sure that he is out of the family business this time once and for all. Even if that means that he falls of the face of the earth. Danny assures her that this is his intentions and he goes back to be with Michelle. 

Claire is fretting over the situation when Alan arrives and offers her some support. They decide to go out. Richard and Edmund discuss how to tell Cassie about Richard's "infertility". Edmund advises him to wait and see if there is any other options. Cassie arrives and goes into the plans for the children's museum. She tells about her plans to go into the attic and get some of the royal toys. One day, their children's toys will be in the museum. As Edmund watches in hiding, Cassie finally leaves and Edmund rejoins his brother and Richard says that he can't keep this up for much longer. 

Back at the hospital, Ross and Blake arrive and Buzz asks to speak to them alone. He tells Blake that he knows now what she had found out about Selena's past and then some. He thinks that the situation with her is over. Selena is the one that has the problem. Blake worries about Selena's fate and tells Buzz how sorry she is for getting them into this. Buzz tells her that if it had not been her, it would have happened sooner or later because of Selena's self-destruction nature. Blake remembers telling Selena the same thing about herself. 

Edmund gives Rourke the diamond studded garter that he retrieved from Cassie's safe and tells him to lose some of the diamonds in a poker game and be sure that Dak's finds out about it. Rourke wonders why Edmund is the way he is over Richard and Edmund tells him that he has been doing it for so long that he knows no other life. Of course, he is good at it too. Ross tells Blake how proud he is of her and she discusses her plans for her next book. Please fictionalize this one for everyone's sake. 

Back at the hospital, a cloak covered Selena arrives in Buzz's room and lets him know that she is all right. He tells her that he did not tell Frank and Harley anything about her whereabouts. After a tearful farewell, she leaves for parts unknown and out of his life. Claire and Alan have gone to the casino to gamble. May comes up and sells them some cigars and Claire notices that she is not her usual bouncy self. Claire surmises that she is having man trouble and May confirms that. When she tells the story of how her boyfriend's wife came back and she is the love of his life, Claire begins to put two and two together and arrives at the conclusion that May and Danny were involved. She walks over to May and tells her how sorry she is about the situation and May confirms unknowingly to Michelle's mother that she is the other woman. Claire walks back to the table with the cat that swallowed the canary look. This has been a pretty good evening, she muses to a clueless Alan.