Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/1/00

By Jackye Nice

Olivia, Josh, and Sam are having dinner at Infernio. Olivia says she is glad Josh's mind is off Reva. Josh notices Jim at the blackjack table.

Tony offers Jim a drink, Jim says he doesn't drink when he is working.

May is having trouble keeping a grin on her face to sell flowers. Tony notices and she says she has to keep a stiff upper lip, but it isn't working.

Danny is still at Michelle's bedside. She awakens and they talk about their relationship. he says 3 hours ago they had a new beginning, one hour for each of them. Claire tells a nurse she doesn't want any surprises. She walks into Michelle's room and is surprised to find Danny there.

Buzz is trying to get Selena to confide in him. She finally tells Buzz that Carmen Santos has a lot to do with this whole mess. She tells Buzz their love is an illusion, it was all wrong. She tells him she was in love with Miguel Santos, Carmen's husband. She was his mistress, and they wanted to get married. She thought if Carmen knew about her, she would let him go so she called her. Carmen sent her goons to beat her name out of Miguel, he wouldn't tell so he was beaten to death. Now, Maria wants revenge and since Carmen is dead, there is no one better to go after than her. He says he knew it had to be something like this~~what did the burglary have to do with this? She tells him her locket was a family heirloom from Miguel and Maria recognized it. She tells him about Maria's visit to Company and she went to Maria and told her the story. Maria thinks she set Miguel up for Carmen. Buzz says he dealt with her being a hooker and finding Drew, why couldn't she trust him with this? She tells him it wasn't to protect Miguel or herself, it was to protect her child, Miguel's son. Buzz asks if there is anything else, she tells him he can read about it in Blake's book. buzz says they can't have a life together because she doesn't think it was right, she asks how it can be right when the only man she ever loved died for her? She hurriedly says before she met buzz. Buzz says she is a fighter, she says like him. He says he has one problem, he loves her. 

Tony takes May into a back room to find out what's wrong. She says she thought she was special to someone. Tony says Danny has a thing for her. She says he did before Michelle came back. She tells him about Father Ray's visit and telling Danny Michelle is in the hospital. She tells him Danny rushed out. She starts to cry and Tony hugs her. Marah trys to come into the club, but the guard stops her. Tony overhears and looks out.

Danny tells Claire that Rick asked him to keep tabs on Michelle's pulse. Claire says how nice of him to be involved. Claire asks to speak to Danny outside, before Claire goes out, Michelle tells her not to cause any trouble. Claire says she has nothing to worry about. Claire goes and tells Danny that if he loves Michelle as much as he says, he will walk away and leave her alone. She tells him to do the right thing, get out of her life permanently.

Tony sits back down and tell May that she and Danny had sparks even a blind man could see. He asks her to come out to the lobby with him and he'll buy her some popcorn. When the club closes, he'll give her a happy ending. She goes to fix her make-up and he goes out to Marah. She tells him she wanted to prove a point to her parents. Sam comes over and warns Marah that Josh is right in the club.

Buzz gives Selena a disguise, money and a picture frame with both their pictures in it. There is a knock at the door, Selena says that's them. Buzz locks the door and helps her out the window. Two men break through the door and attack Buzz. Selena is outside the window listening to the struggle. She hurries down the fire escape. 

Tony gets Sam to distract Josh while he helps Marah get out of there. She tells Tony she's mad at her dad. Josh gets up to check on Jim. Jim reassures Josh that his family is his number one priority. Josh spots Marah and says me too. He goes over to Marah. Tony tells Josh he was going to call Marah a cab. She says no he wasn't. Tony says yes he was. Josh asks why she is wearing that dress, Tony trys standing up for her and Josh tells him to shut up. Josh pulls her away and leaves. May comes over and asks why Tony lied to her. He says there is nothing between him and Marah. He asks her to give him a chance and she says no thanks. 

Jim is at the black jack table and loses the hand. 

Danny comes back in and tells Michelle that everything is ok. He says Claire is very clear where they stand. He says it's good to see that she and Claire are getting along so well. He says he'll go so she can rest, she says no. He says he has to do what is best for the baby. She tells him about her time in new York, she says there were times she felt alone but she wasn't. She had a little piece of him inside her. She says she wished he had been there with her, to share it all. She tells him she was wrong, she remembers the time in Maria's living room when he asked her to go away with him, she says she wishes she had said yes. He says then say yes now, we can start over.

Jim gets up to leave and finds a coin in his pocket. He goes over to the slots and wins on his first try. He takes his coins back to the black jack table and bet it all on one hand. He loses. 

Michelle asks if he would really take her back after she hurt him so bad. He tells her to imagine the three of them with a new life in a new place. he says no one will ever have to know where they are. He says his doubt is gone, he is ready. She says yes ad they kiss. He says it's goodbye Springfield. She says this is what she's dreamed of. 

Frank comes home and finds the door ajar and the place a mess. He says dad, Selena. DAD! He sees Buzz sprawled on the floor and says Dad, no! He runs over to buzz and says Dad, No! No dad!