Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/31/00 By Bethany Tedder

Beth arrives home to find Edmund sitting on her sofa with the bag of jewelry that she asked him to have appraised. He informs her that it is worthless but not in the way that she thinks. He gives her a listing of the values and tells her that from a monetary sense, the jewelry is worth more than he imagined and he gives her a card with a contact that she can use to sell and invest the money with. Edmund tries to explain what her calling him every time for advice is actually her motive, she is trying to get him to talk her out of making a mistake. He insists that she is in love with him. Beth tells him that she thinks that every time she calls him that she buys trouble and asks him to leave which he does.  

At the Santo house, Maria and Selena talk about her life with Maria's son Miguel. Selena explains about the Santos grandson and that he is now a lawyer. Maria doesn't understand why Selena lost contact with him but Selena says that it was for his safety. She had contact with a man that was suppose to be helping her after Miguel's death but he forced her into a life of prostitution and with that, a livid Maria comes out of the chair and nearly attacks Selena. Selena is able to gain the upper hand and Maria controls her rage so that she can obtain the whole truth about her son's murder. Selena tells Maria that she did tell Carmen that she and Miguel were involved but that Carmen never knew who she was. But she thought that she could beat the truth out of Miguel and had him beaten to death in her insane quest for information about his double life. Selena tells Maria that Miguel never told Carmen about the baby or Selena. Maria is incensed that Selena "betrayed" her son with her lies. Danny arrives at the hospital and locates a sedated Michelle. 

With the chart at the foot of the bed, Danny takes and reads it and is stunned to realize that his ex-wife is in her second trimester of pregnancy and he knew nothing about it. But he sobs while she sleeps that he understands why she didn't tell him. He vows to the baby that it will not be like it was for him and his father and that he will leave the mobster's life and make a family for the baby and Michelle. She awakens and wonders why he is there and he tells her that he knows about the baby. She is still frightened about his lifestyle and asks him to leave. Rick appears at the door and demands that Danny leave the room so for Michelle's sake, they take it to the hall. Danny tells Rick that he knows about the baby and Rick tells him that it isn't his responsibility anymore. But Danny hits a nerve when he brings up a possible scenario of Abby returning pregnant and he wanting to have the family that he always dreamed about. Michelle comes out in the hall and is ordered back to bed by Rick. For the sake of peace, Danny remains with her and helps monitor her while Rick leaves to make rounds. 

Back at the Santos house, Selena appears to be in danger when Harley and David arrive to question Maria about the robberies at Blake's and Selena's. She denies any involvement but David is distressed when she makes the comment that the people who killed her son must be met with justice and asks for their help in finding Miguel's killer. 

Harley calls Buzz and lets him know that Selena is all right and he tells his daughter to get her out of there now. After they leave, Maria tells her aide that she has a job for him to do. 

In St. Cristobel, a tired and distressed Richard witnesses an almost family moment between Cassie, Rourke and the children. They have been making paper planes and flying them. Rourke takes the children to the garden to play and Cassie and Richard have a warm reunion. After Cassie leaves the room, Edmund arrives and Richard confesses that the New York referral confirmed Dr. Weymouth's diagnosis that he is infertile. He wants to tell Cassie right away but Edmund encourages him to explore some other options before breaking Cassie's heart. Richard agrees to wait, pleasing Edmund. 

Jim arrives back at the Lemay home and finds Beth in the living room surrounded by the jewelry and the appraisal that she has obtained from Edmund. Although displeased that she went behind his back to accomplish this, he is pleased that for once Edmund and he agree that this is not the way to handle having another child. He decides that what the heck, they will have another child and somehow they will figure out the details. But he must return to work he tells her. She accepts that and Jim leaves and heads straight for the casino for a night of gambling. 

Harley, David, and Selena arrive back at Company and explains the scene at the Santos house. David is still worried about Maria's comment about making someone pay for the death of her son but Selena pleads that she is tired and they leave. Upstairs, Buzz finds Selena throwing all her clothes in a bag in preparation to leave. She tells him that she must leave and leave now as outside the fire escape, a looming figure of a man waits.