Guiding Light Update Monday 10/30/00 By Bethany Tedder

The immigrants are being brought off the ship. Catalina tells Noah and Revato let her walk alone so she doesn't bring attention to them. She collapses and the guard runs over. 

Rick is helping Michelle with her breathing. Claire comes in and questions what Michelle's symptoms are. Michelle tells them she had back pains, and when her regular doctor was off duty, she got right on the plane and flew home. She says she wanted to be with Rick and Claire. The pain starts again. 

Selena apologizes to Buzz and says she owes Harley and David an apology too. Buzz tells her she will have to go home sometime. She says she trusts him more than anyone in the world, but she needs him to trust her and give her some time. He goes downstairs to check on the delivery man. Maria Santos and one of her goons come over. Selena trys to get up and the goon stops her. Maria tells her she has her locket and Selena has her grandchild. Maria asks the gender and Selena plays dumb. She says she doesn't know what she is talking about. Maria suggests Buzz may be able to help. She says it will be their secret, she invites Selena to her house and tells her she is part of the family. She tells Selena to make an excuse and follow her. 

Sam comes into Inferno, he tells Tony he is waiting to meet Olivia. Sam andTony discuss casinos in other countries, then about being kicked out of places. Tony tells Sam he isn't grateful for what he has. Rick tells Michelle she isn't cramping, that's a good sign. Her backache may have nothing to do with the baby. Claire orders some tests and blood work. Rick leaves. Claire tells Michelle that she is a good doctor and willdo everything in her power to save her baby. Michelle says her baby is Claire's grandchild. Claire goes to check on the tests. She is visibly startled outside the room. 

Noah and the guard exchange a few words in Spanish. the guard waves them onand they get into a truck. Noah tells Reva that he told the man they were his wife and niece, he is a doctor and can help her get well. Reva sees a man who reminds her of Diego. The man says in Spanish, despite it all, they are ready to live their dream. Noah and Reva talk about all the other refugees. He says their next move may be fatal. 

Selena remembers what she and Miguel argued about-- Carmen. She goes to the counter and writes a note. She rushes out. 

Tony tells him he could have been set for life. Sam wonders if Tony would trade places with him, Sam says he knows he wouldn't do it. He gives Sam a beer, and 2 breathe mints. Sam says he wouldn't trade places with Tony either. Sam starts telling Tony about all the places he's been. Olivia comes in and Tony quickly hides the beer. Olivia shows him an envelope. 

Michelle tells Rick she took the baby lots of places. Rick says next time he will give them both a tour of the city and he will push the stroller. He reassures her that she will have it all. He kids her about meeting someone at Cassie and Richard's party, Frank. He tells her about playing games and having martini's with Meta. She says she missed him in New York. the pain starts again. Claire comes in to start the tests. Michelle is sleeping while Claire and Rick are discussing all the possibilities. Claire decides to keep her overnight, observe her, and rerun tests tomorrow. 

Ray enters the hospital, he asks a nurse to check the room number on his slip of paper. When he gets to the room, he sees Michelle. 

Tony brings Olivia and Sam some coffee. Olivia grills Sam on why he didn't come to her about his trouble. He tells her it was just some tests because he was having problems with his ADHD medicine. Sam declares Olivia an honorary teenager, and the best sister. She tells him she can't imagine living with his problem. She asks why he thought he was in trouble today? 

A man is singing in Spanish. Reva says his voice is beautiful, Noah says it's not a good song. Two men begin arguing and shoving each other. Anotherman stands and yells at them both. Noah comes over and says some things in Spanish to calm them. Catalina tells Reva that Noah loves her and he is a good man. Noah continues talking to them, reassuring them they are too close to a good life. 

Buzz is rereading the note from Selena when Harley and David arrive. They suggest places she could have went. Buzz says they were worried, Harley tells him all the coincidences are odd. Buzz tells them about Ross and thathe knows something. He says Ross told him they have to protect the two women. He tells them about the guys he saw at the hospital. Harley tells him he has to find out what Selena is hiding. Harley and David go to find Selena. 

Olivia asks what Sam is up to. He tells her about school and the arch rivalfootball game. they move on to talking about a few college classes. Sam sayshe has to get back to school, he decides to meet with her and Josh for dinner. 

Michelle says Danny. When Ray comes in, she is slightly surprised. She askshim to pray for her baby. He puts his hand on her head and prays then leaves. 

Reva tells Noah he has saved their lives. He tells her they aren't out of danger yet. 

Danny watches May set up a pumpkin. They discuss her childhood costumes. Ray comes in and tells Danny that Michelle is back, and she is in the hospital. He sends Danny to see her. 

Selena arrives and Maria is waiting. She asks Selena to sit and make herself comfortable. She asks Selena to forgive the way she got the locket,no one was supposed to get hurt. Selena says she doesn't know what else Maria wants. Maria returns the picture of Drew. She holds up the other 2 pictures and tells her the others are hers. She tells Selena it's time for her to tell the truth about her relationship with Miguel and the child.