Guiding Light Update Friday 10/27/00

By Bethany Tedder 

There are some gaps in this update due to technical difficulties at the TV
station that carries the show. I hope this is not an inconvenience and should
not affect the outcome of today's episode from what I have been able to
May comes in from her shopping trip in which she has purchases flowers for
the casino. Danny compliments her on the time and effort that she has put
forth in doing her job. As they talk, Ross comes in and ask Danny for a
moment alone with him.
Back on the ship heading for America, Catalina, Noah, and Reva discuss the
present situation and the events that led up her being on the ship. She
explains that before she could get as far as she did, that she had taken a
job as a nanny in St. Cristobel and learned how the transport of the
immigrates worked. She tells them about the meeting that she had with a man
in the hotel. She says that he met there every second week of the month. She
gave him all the money that she had to be able to come to America but she
knows that he lied to her about how they would be treated. She said that most
of the people in the storage box that they are in were from Central America
and  had been in St. Cristobel for 2 days prior to the time that Reva
encountered her and them. They were them ushered at gun point into the "box"
and that is how Reva and Noah made it into the area undetected. Catalina
wonders why Americas would be traveling this way and Reva tells her about
Diego and the promise that she made to the dying man. As for Noah, she tells
Catalina, he is a sucker for danger. Whatever the reason, Catalina tells them
that she is grateful and that they have good souls to do this for these
Ross goes over the pre-nuptical agreement that Danny and Michelle had and the
divorce papers. He tells Danny how sorry that he is that the marriage has
ended and when he leaves, Danny takes off his wedding ring as May watches in
the background. She comes back into the office and a dejected Danny tells her
how glad that he is that she is around. He pulls her into a passionate kiss
and things get heated. They make love. Afterwards, she talks with him about
their possible future together.
Selena is being discharged from the hospital. Buzz arrives to take her home
and he confronts her about the name Miguel. Selena denies any knowledge of a
Miguel despite the fact that Buzz knows that she and David discussed him.
(This is when the most of the technical difficulties occurred) Furious, Buzz
storms out into the hall as Selena has flashbacks about a conversation that
she had in the past with Miguel regarding threats that Carmen made about her
and her son. She also recalls a telephone conversation that she made to
Carmen telling her that she was the "other woman". Buzz returns to the room
and they leave for home.
At company, while they are waiting for Buzz and Selena to return, Harley is
mad with Frank because she has had to do most of the work while Selena has
been gone and he has done little to help her. She brings up the bizarre
coincidences about Blake's robbery and Selena foiled robbery. She continues
and begins to come up with the connection of sorts between the Santos murder
and Selena. By the time that Buzz and Selena arrive, Harley, along with Frank
and David, have managed to piece together just about all the truth about the
connection that Selena has to Santos family.  When Buzz arrives with Selena,
Harley confronts Selena and she flies into a frightened rage about the lunacy
that Harley has come up with. She denies knowing anything about anything to
do with the Santos family. Frank and Harley try to convince her that they
don't believe that she is lying but that she is just afraid but she refuses
to reveal anything about her past with the deceased Santos son.
Back on the boat, Noah and Reva continue to talk with Catalina. Noah tells
Reva that just as soon as the boat docks, that they must bail immediately.
Catalina vows to help them. Suddenly the ship lurches and Noah believes that
they are pulling into dock, the question is where. He tells her that he loves
her and that they will make it out alive. As the container with them and the
immigrates is lowered onto the dock, Catalina tells them that the devil is
Back at Cedars, a nurse tells Rick that there is a woman in the room in front
of them that is demanding to see him. She says that she told her that she was
miscarrying and that she believes that the woman may be right. Rick opens the
door and is stunned to find a frightened Michelle huddled on the bed crying.
He tells the nurse to page Dr. Ramsey and rushes to comfort her.