Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/24/00

By Bethany Tedder

As Dr. Weymouth arrives at the palace, a livid Edmund tells him that if he
crosses him again that he will make sure that the rest of his natural life is
a miserable one. Dr. Weymouth thinks that he may have solved the problem of
Richard finding out the truth about his "sterility". He tells Edmund that he
will not be able to "buy" him off that Dr. Holt is above reproach. Edmund
reminds him that he used to be. When Richard is heard coming down the hall,
Edmund hurries Dr. Weymouth out of the palace, unseen by Richard. He comes
into the room with his brother and makes a strange request. He needs Edmund
to teach him to lie.
Secretly amused by the request, Edmund is only to eager to give Richard the
benefit of his years of experience. He tells Richard that the best lie is one
that is told straight up without obvious embellishes and one that is above
reproach and difficult to confirm. Richard and Edmund are still discussing
the trip when Cassie enters from the hall and is intrigued by the idea of
going to NewYork. With Edmund's help, Richard weaves this tale about his polo
instructor that is in the hospital following a riding accident and he is an
elderly man asking for his best pupil. Cassie is ready and willing to
accompany him when he reminds her about a dinner that is scheduled while he
would be gone. She offers to fill in for him in his absence. She leaves and
Richard tells Edmund that he is really good at this sort of thing. The only
problem is that now Cassie will be trying to find the hospital that poor
Horace is in. Edmund further amazes Richard by providing him with the full
particulars of the man's hospitalization and now Richard has an airtight
Down at the docks and confined in the shipping "box", a trapped Noah, Reva
and the other immigrates prepare to leave for the states. Noah and Reva nurse
a delirious Catalina. She mistakes Reva for her mother and speaks of Cuba.
The other immigrates have decided that Reva and Noah are bad luck and that
Catalina is dying but Reva vows that she will not die as long as she is there
with her. The comfort her with stories of the homeland and the freedoms that
she and the other immigrates are risking to enjoy. Reva tells her that she
will make sure that she enjoys the pleasures of America and not just this
shameful existence. Reva talks to Noah about how much that they have taken
for granted in the land of plenty as Noah gives Catalina an antibiotic for
the rising fever that she has. He tells her about the trials his grandparents
experienced in migrating for Poland and they make plans to visit them around
the New Year. As they get nearer to the location that they are suppose to be
processed at. the discuss what they are going to do when they are discovered
in there. They will think of something they decide. Calatina's fever breaks
and she is doing better as the journey to freedom continues.
Jim comes home and finds some papers that have been delivered to the house.
Thinking that they are some specs for the Spaulding project, he starts
reading them before Beth can explain that they are the papers for the trust
fund that Phillip has established for the children. Clearly annoyed by the
constant presence that Phillip has in his life, Jim becomes sullen. Beth
tries to brighten his spirits by talking to him about having another baby
with him, a child of their own. But Jim says that with the present situation,
that there is no way that they can afford another child at this time.
Besides, the house is too small also. Beth says that most couples just manage
to provide for their families but Jim is adamant and Beth is displeased.
Finally Jim agrees to think about it but they must put the idea on hold at
least til their finances improve some. He leaves to do some work. Unsatisfied
with the conversation, Beth calls Edmund for financial advise. Edmund tells
her that he will be on the first plane to Springfield to help her and an
uneasy Beth wonders what she just did and what kind of effect it will have on
the family when Edmund rides to her rescue, yet again.
As Richard plans his trip, Cassie remarks that if she didn't know better,
that she would swear that she was pregnant. Jenny arrives with some paper
work for the dinner that Cassie is planning on covering for Richard in his
absence. She gives Jenny a diamond studded garter to place in the safe.
Richard and Cassie exit and while Jenny is placing the velvet bag in the
safe, a curious Edmund tries to get information about Cassie out of Jenny.
Not swayed by him this time, she lets him know that she is aware that she is
just a means for him to get to Cassie. After she avoids him and leaves,
Edmunds wonders what she put in the safe.
Rick comes to the club and runs into May. He shows a horrified May pictures
of diseased lung tissue from people who use tobacco products. She is appalled
that she is actually helping people do this to themselves. Rick tries to get
her to think about alternate items such as candy but she points out the
pitfalls of candy and the like.
At the palace, Richard takes a call from Dr. Holt's associate instructing him
to an alternate location for the test and consult so that they can avoid the
press. Richard notes the new address.
As May tries to figure a new plan for her selling cart, Jim arrives at the
club. Tony informs him that it is now a members only club but offers to spot
him the $1000.00 membership fee and he can pay it out of his "winnings". A
desperate Jim agrees and enters the casino.