Guiding Light Update Monday 10/23/00

By Bethany Tedder

Reva is dressed undercover, she is standing behind a wall on the docks in
San Cristebel. She is talking into her recorder, telling what she has seen
this morning.

Olivia is trying to get Josh to get ready. She tells him she plans to do
some work in the trailer. He tells her he has to run Shayne's report to him
before he goes to work. She asks him about the kids, he says they are
worried about their mom, but he has only thought about her a few times this
week. She pushes him back into the chair and climbs on top of him.

Harley is working at Company, she is having trouble. Blake comes in and she
tells her she is only working because of what happened to Selena and Ruth
called off sick. Blake asks what happened to Selena, Harley tells her about
the robbery. Blake says she feels so bad. Harley asks if Blake's book had
anything to do with the robbery. Blake trys to change the subject before
telling Harley she feels responsible because if she wouldn't have blabbed
Selena would have went to the opening. Harley tells Blake that if she lied
to her when she was on duty, she'd be really ticked off. Harley goes on to
tell her that since Selena is almost a Cooper, and if Blake knew something
that could help Selena, all the Coopers would come after her. Blake says
she isn't hungry and has to go for a long walk.

Selena tells Buzz to sit down, he is making her head spin. He says he won't
be right until he knows she is safe. Blake comes in to see Selena, she
apologizes and says she's sorry this had to happen.

Olivia and Josh are still in the chair when the doorbell rings. It's
Phillip, he tells Josh there is a new development he needs to tell him
about. He goes on to explain that Mr. Leary is sending a man to be the site
supervisor. He says they need to be there the next 2 days and talk with him
and explain everything they are doing, then they can ignore him. Josh says
no, he won't let it happen.

Reva is watching the dock. She can't see what is going on so she moves
closer. As they move the people forward, Reva steps in by a young woman.
The young woman is grabbed by a guard and she starts yelling at him in
Spanish. Once the man moves away, the woman turns to Reva and keeps
speaking Spanish. When she realizes Reva speaks English and is America, she
questions what she is doing. Another guard rushes them forward.

Josh and Phillip argue over the new supervisor. Josh says it makes it look
like he needs a babysitter, Phillip says it is protection for accidents.
Josh finds out it was Alan's idea and tells Phillip they can shove the idea
and the deal if they don't change it. After Phillip leaves, Olivia
volunteers to go talk to Alan.

Blake is very upset and tells them she feels like it's her fault. Blake
says someone may have took her words wrong. Buzz says someone like a
Santos. Selena continues to say it was a regular break-in. Buzz says he's
going to see Danny Santos and heads toward the door. Selena yells, NO BUZZ
STOP. He turns and looks at her. She tells him not to go near the Santos
family, it might give them something to be angry about. Buzz says he's lost
2 women to violence, he's not going to lose another. He leaves.

Alan tells Danny he is very impressed with Inferno. He just hopes he will
limit his clientele, the wrong people take the glitz and glam away. Olivia
comes in and joins Alan. She tells him they are not happy with his new
babysitter idea. Alan says he signs the checks, and Olivia asks why pay 2
people for the same job. She asks who he would rather deal with, the
babysitter or the babe? She says if he nixes the babysitter deal, she will
have very close dealings with him.

Reva feels the woman's arm and realizes she is burning up. She tells Reva
she slept outside in the rain last night and hasn't;t eaten in 2 days. She
grabs the woman and tells her they are getting out of there. When they
reach the entrance way, a guard shuts the door and locks it. Reva gives the
woman an aspirin and a protein bar. A man says something to them in
Spanish, Reva is surprised to see it is Noah.

Blake tells Selena she is overreacting. She goes on to tell her that she
told Harley that she got her details from back issues of the Journal.
Selena tells Blake the burglar was after her locket, the one Miguel gave
her. She says Maria saw the locket and she probably sent her goons over to
get it. Selena reveals to Blake that Drew has nothing to do with it, she
and Miguel had a son and under the picture of Drew is a picture of Miguel
and one of their son. She says now that they know, they will go after him
and it's all Blake's fault. Blake says if she would have known the whole
truth from the beginning, she wouldn't have blabbed she would have known
not to. Selena says she is sorry, it is both their faults, she just
couldn't keep it in anymore.

Buzz tells Danny about Selena. He suggests it was a message from a local
crime family. As Danny turns away, Buzz gets loud. Buzz goes on to warn him
that if they were responsible, they'll have hell to pay because he was
exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Danny tells him no one comes into his
club and threatens him. Buzz assures him that it is not a threat, but a
promise and he was really exposed to the agent Orange. Danny tells him they
were not involved.

Blake tells Ross she went to see Selena, he tells her she should have
consulted him first. She goes on to tell Ross that Selena had a son with
Miguel Santos. Blake tells Ross she will do whatever he wants her to.

Josh comes in to find Olivia wearing nothing but a tool belt. She tells
Josh the supervisor is no longer. He tells her he wears the hard hat in
their relationship. He picks her up and kisses her.

Noah tells Reva he followed her to help her. Noah tells her next time not
to eat without water because it will make her dehydrate faster. He gets out
some water and offers it to the girl. He also gives her an antibiotic. Reva
says she hates being so predictable. The  crate begins to move and Noah
says they are being loaded onto the ship.