Guiding Light Update Friday 10/20/00

By Jackye 

Buzz questions the doctor (Survivor Sean), who assures them Selena will be
fine. He tells them she will have a headache when she awakes but try to
keep her awake.

Selena says Miguel in her trance like state.

Maria opens the locket, she moves the baby picture and finds the picture of
Miguel. She looks at the baby and wonders if this is her grandchild.

Rick has a problem getting back into the club. Danny comes over and also
gives him a hard time. He and Rick have a few words over their different
lifestyles. Danny finally allows Rick inside.

Billy trys to get Holly to move to either the craps table or the blackjack
table. He tells her that's where the real money is. She says she will hurt
her machines feelings if she leaves. Billy says he won't let her make him
cry, she says she won't because they are just friends. He continues to try
getting her to date him. Rick comes over to join them and offers to buy
Olivia a drink.

Josh brings Marah a cup of cocoa. They discuss the times like these they
have shared. She asks if he is serious about Olivia. He says if he wasn't,
he would be using her. They both agree that she is always there. Marah says
she feels like a little girl, she still wishes her mom and dad were
together again. She wonders if Reva would leave like this if she and Josh
were still together. Josh says while she is off doing her job, he is there.
Marah says he's always there for her and Shayne.

Buzz trys talking to Selena. She says very low, Miguel. Harley says she
thinks Selena said something. Selena awakens and Buzz reassures her that
she is safe. She tells them there was a man in their room, he was wearing a
mask. Harley and Frank ask if she remembers anything else. She tells them
about the struggle but she didn't see who he was. They tell her the guy cut
himself and left blood that is being tested. He also rummaged around on her
dresser, probably looking for jewelry.

Maria tells Tony he may need stitches, she tells him to see a doctor. He
says a doctor or hospital will ask questions. Maria tells him to see one of
their doctors.

Olivia and Rick discuss Billy chasing Holly, then they change the subject
to Olivia and Josh. Rick says he can tell she is crazy about Josh. Rick
suggests they go play blackjack. Beth is trying to talk Jim out of playing
blackjack. Olivia, Jim and Claire start a hand. When they all lose, Alan
start to make more cracks at Jim. Alan is in disbelief when Jim continues
to score 21, winning 360 dollars. When Jim quits while he's ahead, Alan
makes more cracks. Rick wishes Olivia good luck and heads away. Rick
approaches Mae, he again tells her about the risks of selling tobacco and
tells her she could sell anything. Danny comes over and sends Mae to fill
her tray. He warns Rick to quit hassling Mae. Mae goes into the back room
where Maria is, Pilar comes in to see if her Abuella is ready to go home.
Pilar questions the relationship between Mae and her brother. Mae tells
them how wonderful Danny is, he has made her every fantasy come true. Mae
again turns this toward a movie scene. Pilar asks Mae if she knows about
Michelle, and is surprised to find that she does know and is comfortable
about it all.

Alan compliments Olivia on her blackjack skill. Claire says she has a
headache and rushes away. Alan quickly follows and catches her in the
hallway. He apologizes in his own fashion. Claire tells him to look
elsewhere for a companion because she isn't going to compete for his

Selena tells them this is no big deal. Buzz says he will make sure this guy
doesn't come back, he doesn't want to lose her. Harley says this won't be
like Jenna, they will catch this guy. Buzz asks why he sees fear in her
eyes. Frank comes in, he tells them he will have an armed guard posted at
the door. When Buzz brings up the name Santos, Harley fills Frank in on
Blake's guest appearance on Reva's show and her details. Buzz pulls Frank
and Harley outside the room, he says it could be possible the Santos family
is behind this. Harley assures him she'll poke around and talk to Danny.

Abuella and Tony talk. When she says Danny will make them a lot of money,
he says he will too. She tells him he might, but it will take sometime. She
tells him for right now, he has done enough. Now it's her turn.

Holly and Olivia look around for Billy. They discuss ways to get Billy to
see that Holly only wants to be friends. Olivia says she feels sorry for
Billy because she is in the same position with Josh.

Josh and Marah are playing Go Fish. He remembers her first time playing.
They talk about how he dealt with taking care of her and Shayne when Reva
left the first time. They then move on to separating their feelings. He
tells her he will always love Reva, and he loves Olivia in a different way.
She asks if that is playing with fire?

Reva is on the docks in San Cristebel. She is walking around recording all
the details she has gotten. A man approaches and tells her a boat is due in
from Central America tomorrow. After he leaves, she records this