Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/19/00

By Bethany Tedder

As the crowd watches, Pilar attempts to turn the music down so that Danny can
speak. She doesn't know which remote control it uses to turn the music down
and when she does press the buttons on one of them, Danny is mortified to
realize that she has exposed his gambling tables to the whole crowd,
including half of the Springfield Police Department. Tapping dancing quicker
than Gene Kelly, he lands squarely on his feet and explains that the gambling
is legal because all the proceeds go to charity. The charity this week is for
the benefit of programs that Father Ray has, next week, it will be for the
Police Benevolent Fund and each week a different charity will be feted with
the proceeds of the gambling establishment. He invites the patrons to play
tonight without the $1000.00 membership fee as he furiously stalks off to try
to figure out how they are going to make money with this venture now. Alan
marvels that the Santos family never do anything without making a profit and
he doubts that this was suppose to have been any different. Claire and he
head to the black jack table after Claire tells Alan of her past luck at the
game. Jim and Beth have gone to the black jack table as well. Jim explains
that when he was in the Navy that this was the game that he was so good at.
Alan needles Jim that he shouldn't gamble money that he can't afford to lose
but Jim assures him that he knows what he is doing. Father Ray is not exactly
happy to be the first recipient of the good fortune that has been thrust as
him. Danny apologizes for getting him into it. Father Ray decides it would be
better for the church for them to stick to bingo.
As Tony lies on the floor hoping to remain unseen by Selena, she unexpectedly
lies back down. Suddenly, she jumps to her feet as a masked Tony attempts to
leave with her locket. She attacks him with a ball bat and they struggle for
control. In the process, they break a glass and Tony causes Selena to fall
onto the broken pieces. He also cuts the palm of his hand but gets the
locket.  He takes the room apart and leaves through the window while an
unconscious Selena bleeds profusely from an abdominal wound.
In St. Cristobel, Edmund and Richard discuss the newest problem in producing
a royal heir, Richard's sudden "sterility." Richard assures Edmund that it is
not completely over and that the doctor as advised him to seek a second
opinion. Edmund hides his anger and immediately calls for Rourke to join him.
While waiting for him and after Richard has left the room, he calls the
doctor and demands to know why he referred him to another doctor and who it
is. At first the doctor tells Edmund that the information is confidential but
after Edmund threatens to expose his affair to his wife, he gives Edmund the
name and location of the fertility specialist that he gave to Richard. Edmund
agrees to hold off of telling the doctor's wife about the affair but warns
him not to cross him again. Rourke enters and Edmund tells him that they have
encountered a problem in the plan and he must get Cassie alone tonight.
Back in Springfield at the opening, Buzz expresses his displeasure to Harley
regarding her interrogation of Selena in the unsolved murder case of Miguel
Santos. Harley says that it was just procedure and that Selena and she know
how Blake got the information that she did and they both agree that maybe the
doing the book with Blake was a bad idea. For one thing, Blake cannot be
discreet. They change the subject to Phillip and Harley's marriage and Harley
tells her father about the plan that she and Phillip have made with the
Lemays regarding the financial support of Phillip's children. Even though the
plan is not without its pitfalls, she is optimistic that everyone involved
will do their best to make it work and she is relieved that it will cut down
the amount of involvement between Beth and Phillip. She hurries off to see
Jim and they discuss the plan also. Harley tells Jim that he shouldn't look
at it as a sign that he can't support his family but as an insurance policy
for the children in the event of his untimely demise. Jim agrees and they are
happy that the it looks as though things will work out after all.
Mariah is unhappy that she can't find her date and she is also furious that
Reva has left town without telling anyone what she is up to. The last time
she did that, it took her 5 years to come back. Olivia tries but is little
comfort to the young girl so Holly tries to assure her that things will get
back to normal and gives her a lesson in how adults tend to deal with the
emotions that they have. Mariah seems to accept Holly's advice as Olivia
marvels on how she did it. It is easy Holly says, she isn't the other woman.
Pilar is walking by Vicky and David and nearly drops a tray of food on Vicky
prompting her to recall the incident at Towers when she is certain that Ruth
dropped a tray on drinks on her on purpose. She launches into a long trilogy
of how Ruth is responsible for her own misfortunes as David defends her to an
angry Vicky. After things get heated, David goes off for drinks and a cooling
off period.
Rourke is about ready to go off duty when he feigns a muscle spasm in his
shoulder. He begs Cassie not to reveal the ailment to Richard and assures her
that it will not interfere with his ability to protect her. He asks her to
massage the area and she does, after he removes his shirt. Richard and Edmund
enter the room and an annoyed Richard asks the other men to leave so he can
talk to his wife. Outside the room, Edmund congratulates Rourke on a job well
done. Richard tries to explain to Cassie that although he doesn't think that
anything inappropriate was going on, that she must be careful how she carries
herself. Suppose someone else had seen her with the same man in a
questionable situation as the scene that the tabloids exploited in
Springfield. She agrees to be more discreet as they embrace.
Phillip and Harley discuss the plans that they have made with the Lemays as
Rick joins them. Rick marvels that Phillip is in public and he has neither
punched anyone out or been punched out. They laugh that it is a first as Rick
tries to help Harley think up ways to spend Phillip's money. Buzz decides to
leave as they ponder the thought.
Beth and Jim have a conversation about expanding their family. As much as he
would like to, Jim confesses that they really can't afford to think about
having another child now and that the house they have is too small for their
family now. They decide to put the idea on hold. Alan comes up to them and is
very rude to Jim regarding the amount of money that he makes. He continues to
berate and belittle him at the tables and tells him that he has made a
donation to the one of the hospitals in his name. Jim graciously accepts but
Beth recognizes Alan's pattern of behavior as one of him being up to a
specific agenda.
Frank advises David that he may as well go on over to Vicky and face the
music. Vicky still insists that Ruth has feelings for David and they finally
agree that the only way that they can resolve the Ruth situation is to stay
away from her and the subject of her.
Josh and Mariah leave for home and Olivia muses that for once in her life,
she will be glad when Reva returns so Josh can stay the night with her.
Tony breathlessly comes back into the club with Selena's locket. He tells his
grandmother how he got into the room and how he was able to get out with it
but there were problems. He assures her that Selena did not see his face but
she was injured and his hand is cut and bleeding also. Maria fingers Selena's
locket and is horrified to find the pictures of Drew and her son Miguel in
the locket.
At the same moment, Buzz come into the room at Selena's and find an injured
and bleeding Selena unconscious and on the floor.