Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/18/00

By Bethany Tedder

Shayne and Josh are playing checkers. They discuss Reva. They hear a noise
and say uh-oh. Marah comes in and they assure her she looks good. Josh
teases Marah that he and Olivia will be double dating with her. Shayne goes
to answer the door, he comes back with Marah's date. Josh is a little
surprised when Marah introduces him as Tony Santos.

Selena tells Buzz to go to the party. He says one drink and he'll be home.
She tells him to have a good time.

Danny, Pilar and Abuella prepare for the big night. Mae goes over her
saying. Danny puts the remote for the casino up and tells no one to touch
it. Bill Lewis arrives. Ray tells Abuella she looks beautiful. Danny pulls
the family, Bill and Mae together for a toast. Alan and Claire arrive,
followed by Rick and Frank. Pilar approaches them and mistakenly asks if
they need a table for 4. Holly and Billy come in, they find a table. Bill
comes over and asks if he can join them and Billy tells him no. Jim and
Beth come in and say hello to Frank and Rick. Phillip and Harley come in.
Jim tells Beth he would like a night out without Phillip. Beth begins to
bring up Phillip's package deal and Jim says he doesn't want to discuss it
tonight. Phillip and Harley invite Rick and Frank over. Vicki and David
come in and join them. Mae offers cigars to Alan and Claire, who buy 2.
Ross and Blake arrive, Harley comes over and says she would like to ask
Blake a few questions. Holly tells Billy she doesn't want a romantic
relationship with anyone.

Josh asks Tony if he is involved with the family business, he assures Josh
that he isn't. Tony tells them he admires them for their concern for
Marah's safety. Josh leaves to pick up Olivia.

Dr. Weimer tells Richard he is sterile. Richard starts to question him and
he takes him back for some tests.

Buzz comes in and has a few words with Alan. Harley asks how Blake got her
details. Blake says she got them from scouring through old newspapers, not
from Selena. Josh and Olivia arrive and join Billy and Holly. Billy asks
Josh's help with Holly. Olivia sends the men off for drinks and sits with
Holly. Holly tells her she only wants a friend. Beth tells Jim about the
deal Phillip has come up with. Jim says no, he is the only one who provides
for his family. Beth says she thinks Phillip means it and wants Jim to
think about it. Alan comes over and rubs their financial differences in
Jim's face. Jim says let's do it now if it will make Alan disappear from
their lives too. Billy says Holly is the most difficult woman he's ever
met, Josh asks him about Reva and Vanessa. Tony and Marah come in. Josh
says now he doesn't have to worry. After Tony introduces her to his family,
she introduces him to her uncle Billy. Mae comes over to Frank, Buzz and
Rick. Buzz introduces her to the eligible bachelors. They invite her to
join them. Buzz tells her about the boarding house. She offers them cigars,
Rick tells her she's corrupting people with cancer. Buzz buys 2 cigars. Mae
goes over to Father Ray upset. Abuella goes to Blake and tells her she
can't wait to read her new book. Jim, Beth, Harley and Phillip finalize the
agreement and make a toast. David comes over and pulls Harley aside. He
asks her what Blake said, Harley says they were wrong because Blake got her
details from the newspapers. Blake goes to Ross and asks him if they can
leave. Tony and Marah discuss their family's approval , he tells her he
wants to be approved by her friends too. Marah tells him about their fund
raiser to go to the concert in Chicago. he suggests the go somewhere to be
alone. Abuella pulls Tony aside and tells him to get the locket now. He
goes to Marah and tells her he has to run an errand for Abuella. He takes
Marah over to Josh's table and leaves.

Dr. Weimer gives Richard reasons for his sterilization. Richard says he
wants a 2nd opinion. The doctor gives him the name of a doctor in New York.
Richard leaves and the doctor calls Edmond to tell him he gave the
diagnosis. Richard gets home and tells Edmond the news. Edmond seems to be
in disbelief.

Pilar tells Danny it's going great. David, Rick, and Harley ask Danny to
make a toast. He tells Pilar to turn down the music and he gets everyone
quiet. Pilar grabs the wrong remote control and brings out the gambling
tables and machines.

Tony climbs in a window. Selena hears a noise and sits up. She asks who is
there, Tony pulls out a knife.