Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/12/00

By Bethany Tedder

Danny brings his grandmother to the casnio/supper club so she can see
the work his has done on the place. He demonstrates how the game
tables work and she is pleased with the results of his work. He tells
her of his idea to launder the money through the club. Tony comes
into the casnio and when he calls it a casnio, Danny tells him he
must start referring to it as a supper club. Tony ask for permission
to invite Marah to the grand opening. Danny reminds Tony about the
endless parade for huge male relatives that she has. Fine, he says,
he'll invite them too. Finally, Danny agrees for him to invite her
but when Tony goes off, he expresses his dislike for having to baby-
sit Tony. Maria tells him that he must be patient and one day, he
will be of use to them. Maria meets May and they hit it off. They
discuss the old days of clubs and big bands. Maria goes off to use
the phone and Danny and May discuss the night that they spent
together. When Danny admits that he had a dream about Michelle, May
says she understands that she is not the love of his life. Danny
mavels that she came out of no where just when he needed her the most.
Reva enters the living room and takes a call from the station. Her
guest for today's show has just cancelled and she needs to find
someone pronto. Marah comes downstairs and gives her the third degree
about her whereabouts on the previous evening. She doesn't believe a
word that she told her even though Reva told her the entire truth
leaving out not so much as a comma of the evenings events. Marah
still doesn't believe her and wonders if she is in some kind of
trouble. Before Reva can anwer, Noah stops by. He is very unhappy
when Marah makes some flip remarks about the "spy business" and he
know that Reva told her the truth. Reva tells him to relax. Yes she
told them the truth but she told it in such as outrageous way that
they didn't believe her anyway. The discuss the cover-up about Woody
and Noah says that he had to furnish the actual time of death to the
corner because they plan to do an autospy. He had told Washington the
time that they placed him in the hotel room and he is kinda worried
about it but doesn't think that they will investigate any further. He
has told the Washington agency that Woody had told him that Reva was
not a threat to the secret operation that is going on. Reva is very
unhappy at the delay in getting the slave ring stopped. She wonders
if since the slaves are being filtered through St. Cristobel that
Richard should be told what is going on. Noah says absolutley not.
Noah tells he that they must stick to the timetable that has been
planned and that she must agree for her own safety to stay out of it.
Reva asks when his flight leaves and he says soon. Noah gets her
promise to be careful and stay out of the situation. She agrees and
Noah leaves. Reva calls and makes arrangements to go to St. Cristobel
later that night.
Blake comes to Company and tells Selena and Buzz that she has won as
award for her novel "One New Love". Blake's business life is really
looking up. They discuss the new book that Selena is consulting on
and she asks about Mike and his wife. How did she feel about them?
Selena tells Blake that she resented Mike's wife because she had his
name, his children and the respect that was afforded to her. She had
just lost Drew and had nothing. Blake takes a call from Reva asking
her to meet her at the studio in 45 minutes to replace the cancelled
guest. Blake agrees but she has to find a sitter, lose 5 pounds and
figure out what to wear in that 45 minutes. Selena recalls the night
that Mike died and frets about Buzz. He asks her what is wrong but
she side-steps the question and goes to cut off the stove. When she
comes back, Buzz tells her about the opening at Danny clubs and wants
them to go to it. He tries to pin her down about a wedding date but
she needs to get near the TV so she can see the show.
Tony arrives at Reva's and Marah whispers so that she won't hear them
talking. But Reva comes downstairs and sees Tony. She asks him his
name and he gives her is first name but never mentions that he is a
Santos. Every question that Reva has, Marah answers for him. Reva
asks her doesn't she need to go to the library and to come on and she
will drop her off. Marah stalls that she doesn't have the books
together and Tony offers to take her. At first Reva is concerned but
she agrees for him to take her and leaves for the station. Marah is
amazed that it went as well as it did. Tony tells her about the
opening and all but orders her to go. She tells him to try again and
she at first says no. But Tony manages to persuade her to go. He
When Reva arrives at the studio she is met by Bill that explains the
situation with Dinah, Vanessa and Matt. Reva expresses her opinion of
Dinah and lets it go at that. Bill stuns her when he says that
Vanessa is going to sell the TV station and in fact Billy in on the
way with a prospective buyer now. Billy enter with Holly and Reva is
happy that she will be working with her. She invites her to stay and
watch the show with Blake as the guest star. Blake arrives and frets
that she doesn't know what to wear and goes off to find Reva to help
her decide. The show starts and Reva interviews Blake as Selena and
Buzz watch. Selena is horrified when Blake reveals details about
Mike's murder that could link her to him. They break for a station
break and Selena is a combination between furious and terrified.
Down in the casnio, Maria tries to find her show on the numerous TV's
in the area. She is unhappy that she has to settle for the show that
Reva is hosted. She catches enough of the show to hear about Blake's
book and the details of the main character. She has a revelation as
Tony comes into the casnio. She tells him that she needs for him to
do something for her and he must keep it quiet.