Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/11/00

By Bethany Tedder

Danny tells Mae to follow him. he takes her into the casino to dance. They
begin kissing, Tony watches from the door.

Cassie asks Reva what they are doing, Reva says nothing and asks Cassie the
same which she replies she's going to be getting some fresh air. Richard asks Noah if this is the
same nothing Noah meant when he said he'd take care of Reva. They all
decide that this never happened. Cassie says don't ask don't tell makes a
lot of sense right now.

Danny and Mae are talking, he hands her the dress she was wearing. She
tells him she isn't going anywhere, this is where her job is. They kiss, he
tells her to get dressed. They discuss a movie marathon she watched, she
says she'll get them some breakfast. Over breakfast they discuss fruit
being sexy. She asks what's going on, he tells her to trust him, his wife
didn't, that's all he asks. Tony comes in and helps himself.

Cassie and Richard come in with a bag of pregnancy tests. they discuss
wanting a child so bad, Cassie says she is scared. Cassie goes into the
bathroom to take the test.

Reva and Noah get Woody back to his hotel room. They put on gloves and
begin setting up the room to make it look like Woody died in his room. Noah
says as soon as he gets ahold of Washington he'll lie through his teeth.
Noah is on the phone with Perdita, he tells her that Woody is dead and he
doesn't want it to come back on him. He says he saw Woody leave the party
with Reva and a couple hours later, he came to his hotel room and he was
alone. He says he and Woody had a tiff over things they each said about
Reva. Noah says he came to see him that morning and he was dead. During his
whole conversation, Reva is struggling to get Woody undressed. Reva says he
is probably in the hot seat, he says yes, if it doesn't work, they will
think he did it. He tells her to go home and get some rest.

Ray comes in and joins the breakfast. Mae starts to explain why she is in
the same dress she wore yesterday, ray tells her he isn't there to judge
her. Tony tells Ray that she spent the night with a married man and didn't
go home to change. Mae hurries out of the room, they all begin to argue.
Danny tells them he wants respect for himself and Mae, he heads upstairs.
Tony asks Ray to help him convince Danny to let him date Marah.

Cassie is trying to figure out what the test says, Richard comes in to
help. They decide the test is inconclusive and she goes to try another
test. She comes out of the bathroom and tells him she is pregnant.

Ray tells him to lay off the sugar coating and moral values. Tony says
maybe he's only a jerk because he doesn't have a special someone. He tells
Ray he understands why Danny hates him, but he is his brother and he is
giving up. Ray says he turn promises into scams time and time again. ray
says he loves him, maybe he can change, but it will be God's will not his.
he says everyone makes mistakes, but he makes a life of it. Tony says he
doesn't know what is going to happen with Marah, none of them do, he just
needs a helping hand. Danny and Mae come downstairs, Tony apologizes. Ray
suggests they cut Tony some slack with Marah.

Reva gets home and is searching for her dress, Marah and Shayne come in.
Marah tells her she hung it up. She gives Reva a piece of fashion advice,
put your dress on your body before you go out. Reva says she can explain.

Cassie and Richard are talking about the baby. They suggests dying the
swans blue if the baby is a boy and making the guards where pink if it is a
girl. Cassie asks why he wasn't surprised at the scene in the parking
garage, he tells her he was too excited about the baby.

Danny says no, she is off limits. She is only 17, Ray says they have to let
him try in order for him to change. They ask Mae for her opinion, she says
it would be ok if Tony was to do all the stuff Ray said. Danny says he can
see her, but don't touch her. Tony thanks them all, he leaves.

Reva asks why they are there, they tell her they forgot something and
stopped over on the way to school. They asks where she was, she tells them
she was working all night. they begin to lecture her about drinking and
driving. She tells them about Woody dying and that they were all in danger
and she and Noah took him to his hotel, but they had to kill time so they
went to a karaoke bar first. Then once they got him there, Noah called and
lied his butt off to make it look like he died in his hotel. They decide
Reva is drunk. When they leave the room, she says to herself, I am in it up
to my eyeballs.