Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/10/00

By Bethany Teddar

At a country bar, Reva and Noah play their own version of Joe Diffie's
"Prop Me Up Against The Jukebox If I Die" with Woody's body. They
have to stay there to make sure that Olivia and Josh aren't following
them. Noah explains that somehow they have to get Woody back to the
hotel so they can make it look like he had the heart attack there.
They order some drinks and make it look as though Woody is drinking
too. Reva isn't too happy about the spy business at the moment. All
of a sudden, the muscle in Woody's hand goes into a spasm and locks
down on Reva's leg. Noah muses that she is the only woman he knows
that can get a rise out of a dead man. Noah is using the moment to
let Reva get the full effect of what she has gotten herself into.
Things go from bad to worse when Josh and Olivia come into the bar so
they can check things out for themselves. As they watch the trio from
another table, they speculate on what the three of them are doing
there. Olivia notices that Woody is not drinking nor moving. She also
feels as though he is staring at the two of them. All of a sudden,
one of the waiters approaches Noah and Reva and asks Woody to sing.
Horrified, they explain that Woody is hoarse and therefore can't sing
but they don't get off that easy. He asks either Noah or Reva to take
his place and Reva tells Noah he owes her as she climbs onto the
stage as a shocked Josh and puzzled Olivia watch. Reva asks if they
have a song by the Grateful Dead that she can sing as Noah sits with
the lifeless body of Woody Mitchell.
At Millennium, Danny and May descend the stairs to the casino below   
the nightclub. They begin to get passionate but Danny pulls away. May
realizes that he is missing Michelle. He has brought her down here to
show her his accomplishment but May knows that he wishes she were
Michelle sharing his moment of glory. She would be proud of him, she
tells Danny. But Danny tells her that Michelle was never proud of the
man he is. She marvels that the area looks like a restaurant but
Danny uses a remote control to make the gambling games appear out of
the walls. They disappear just as easily he demonstrates. He shows
her the office that he has made in the back of the room and show her
in. Things heat up and May says that she knows that she can't be the
love of his live. Danny responds by closing the door.
At home, Marah tries to reach Josh when she realizes that Reva left
the house without her dress. She doesn't get him and when she turns
around, Tony is standing in the passage to the patio. She tells him
to get out but he muses that he isn't in. She is still ticked off at
him about the fight at the bar and the game of dice he cheated at
with Sam. He tells her that he was trying to teach Sam a lesson and
that even if Buzz hadn't caught him, he would have given Sam back his
bike. Marah doesn't buy it but she is too intrigued with him to
follow through with her threat to throw him out. He marvels that if
she truly wanted him out that all she had to do is close the windows.
She tells him that her dad will home in a few minutes and when that
doesn't work she tells him that Reva will home soon. He decides to
leave but he promises her that they will see each other again. After
he is gone, Marah admits to herself that he is right.
Back at the bar, Reva does her best imitation of a stripper. Josh is
unbelieving as she goes through the impromptu routine. Olivia asks him
what could she possibly be doing and Josh admits that he has no idea.
Noah is having difficulty making Woody look alive so he hands the
waiter a napkin with "do something" on it and he hands it to Reva.
While she is removing her coat, Josh receives a call from Marah and
she explains that she is worried about her mother. Josh says he is
too. She says that Reva left the house without her dress at the
moment that Reva gets to the table and Josh says yes he knows that
too. Olivia in furious at the sight of what she thinks is Reva
throwing herself at Josh half-dressed but the ruse works and Josh and
Olivia leave much to Noah's relief. Reva finishes her routine as two
oriental girls approach Noah Woody and asks them to make a quartet
with them. Noah communicates with them in fluent Japanese that Woody
is dead on his feet and couldn't possibly sing with them. They leave
as Reva comes back to the table. The bartender arrives and tells them
that Woody has been cut off from the alcohol. Reva tells him that it
will just kill him to know that. Noah manages to get Woody on his
shoulder and they leave the bar with the deceased secret agent.
May and Danny bask in the glow of their love-making. She explains how
she got to Springfield which basically consisted of her closing her
eyes, taking a stab at the map and she landed on Springfield so here
she is. She talks about her grandfather and how he met her
grandmother at the baseball hall of fame. She lives her life like an
old movie and has one in mind for every aspect of her life.
At the motel, Cassie and Richard are trying to dress down so that
they can sneak to the 24-hour pharmacy for a home pregnancy test.
They decide to take the garage exit as Reva and Noah come in with
Woody's body. Rigor Mortis begins to set in and they are trying
desperately to get his body in a natural supine position. As they
struggle to get the body on the ground, Reva sits on top of Woody as
they attempt to straighten him out. Reva glances up and is stunned to
see her sister and brother-in-law in a state of trying to figure out
what they are doing. What's going on Cassie asks?