Guiding Light Update Monday 10/9/00

By Jackye Nice 

Blake and Ross are laying in bed, she guesses the last dress was his
favorite. They discuss how horrible it would be for them to miss Cassie's
big night. Ross says she'll hate herself in the morning. She gets up to get

Harley is moving from the bed to the chair trying to get comfortable. She
gets up and calls the babysitter. She pulls out some gowns and as she is
looking through them, she says I can do this, I can do this.

Beth and Jim ask Phillip to stay, he says he is in a foul mood and wouldn't
be good company. He finally says he'll stay, Jim offers to go get drinks.
Phillip and Beth talk and he decides to leave. Beth asks where Harley is,
he says she is home in despair.

Reva and Noah are over Woody. Noah says it looks like a heart attack. He
questions if she left him alone at all, she says once when they first
arrived, but they continued talking all the time. Noah hits redial on
Woody's cell phone and is relieved when he is connected to the hotel. They
check his pockets and find a drug that stops the heart instantaneously.
Noah tells Reva that Woody is a Senior International Executive, he
recruited Noah 10 years ago and he came to Springfield to get out. He was
out until she got involved with the investigation, now they are both in big
trouble. He tells her to clean-up, the story will be that she turned him
down at his door. He tells her the immigrants are coming through San
Cristebel and Richard doesn't know. Her instincts were right. Marah arrives
home, they act as if Woody passed out from having too much to drink, they
leave to take him home. When they leave, Marah finds Reva's dress.

Vicki spots David and Ruth talking, she interrupts them and takes David to
the dance floor.

Josh and Olivia are trying to figure out where they can go, they both have
teenagers at their houses, Josh says he has an idea and they head out.

Blake reads a letter that names her Romance Novelist of the year. She says
she can't wait to get to Selena to tell her, the new book will be a success
for sure. Ross says he doesn't want to know about her project.

Beth tells Phillip she is sorry Harley is having such a hard time. He tells
her it's not the christening or newspaper picture, it's the whole history.
Jim says it's hard, he just focuses on the present. Beth says it will take
some time for Harley. Harley walks in and sees them.

Josh and Olivia get into the elevator, the number begins to go between 49
and 50.

A man pinches Ruth, she is telling him how rude he is when Vicki walks
over. She sends Judge Chambers to see Richard and Cassie. She turns to Ruth
and tells her one more mistake and she's fired with no pay. David watches.

Noah explains to Reva about the operation, he tells her if he would have
had the chance, Woody would have killed her. He tells her she is messing
with the agency's plan by investigating. A cop pulls them over.

Billy comes into Company and asks if Susan is Cinderella. She says that
makes you the fairy godmother, he says he is glad she found something to
call him. They both admit to trying to avoid one another.

The officer tells them their tail light is out, Reva explains their friend
is passed out because he had too much to drink.

Phillip tells Harley that he is glad she came, Beth and Jim come over and
tells her they hope she is ok. They excuse themselves and Harley goes out
onto the balcony. Phillip follows, she asks him what he told them, he says
Beth guessed that she was upset.

David asks Ruth what happened, she says don't ask she needs the job and is
already in enough trouble. As she is leaving Vicki comes over, a waiter
goes to walk by and a man bumps him, a tray is spilled on Vicki.

Susan and Billy talk about why they were avoiding each other. She suggests
giving him one of her school pictures, he says he'd love it. She suggests
playing 20 questions. A few questions into the game, she brings up the
concert in Chicago. She says he probably wants to yell at her for running
away, he says no, he can't blame her for wanting some new air- he'd be more
likely to be her shotgun partner than to yell at her. He says she must have
his blood running through her veins, he gives her a key to his apartment
and tells her that next time she runs away she'll have a place to go.

Ross and Blake arrive just as Reva and Noah get Woody out of the car. Ross
asks if they need help, they say no. Reva suggests Blake be a guest on her
show. Once Blake and Ross go inside, they put Woody into a garbage can and
close the lid.

Vicki tells the waiter he is fired, David tells her not to overreact, it
was an accident. He suggests they leave and helps her out.

Phillip asks Harley not to leave, he says he didn't know what to say. She
says she can't do this. He pulls her to him.

Vicki and David come out in the garage where Noah and Reva are kissing.
David takes Vicki to get the car, a man takes the garbage can containing
Woody. Reva trys to go get it when Noah tells her no. Reva falls, Noah
calls for help. The man who took the garbage comes over, Noah asks him to
stay with Reva while he goes to get help. He goes and moves the garbage
can, comes back and says he has his cell phone on him, he'll call for help.
Reva gets up, she says she's al right she just hasn't eaten today.

Josh and Olivia decide to make it a theme night and head for the car.

Blake and Ross go inside to find the party over. Ruth says she'll open the
bar so they can have a drink, they dance.

Josh and Olivia enter the garage as Reva and Noah are taking Woody out of
the garbage can. They explain that Woody gets paranoid and dove into the
garbage can. They begin to leave, Olivia says she needs to know what Reva
is up to and begins to follow them.