Guiding Light Update Friday 10/6/00

By Bethany Tedder

Sam arrives at Company and meets Buzz. They discuss wall scaling
against the challenge of chess. Sam tells him the strategy is the
same. He joins Shayne, Marah, Susan and Max at the table. They talk
about and upcoming concert that they all want to go to but lack the
funds and parental permission. Sam comes up the the great idea of
burning CD's and selling them for a profit from music that they
download off the internet. Max points out that it is illegal and
really wants no part of it. Every time Susan gets in trouble, he gets
the blame for it, he says. Tony comes in and sits down beside Marah.
They discuss the evening that they were out and Tony decked Carlos'
employee. Shayne is blackmailed into silence by his sister. Tony and
Sam discuss Sam's bike. Marah tries to warn Sam not to, but he agrees
to play dice for the bike because Tony has the $1000.00 they need for
the concert. Much to his dismay, Tony rolls 7 straight rolls of 11.
Sam hands over the keys to the bike as Buzz looks on. He decides that
he wants a piece of the action and challenges Tony to a game that
will pay off $10,000.00. On the first roll, Tony makes a 7 and Buzz
nails him with his loaded dice. He orders Tony out and to return the
keys to the bike to Sam. Sam is grateful and intrigued by Buzz's
knowledge of the hustle.
Back at the party, Cassie is anxious to do a home pregnancy test. But
Richard tells her that she just can't walk in the drug store and buy
one that it would cause too much speculation. So she decides to go
and find Reva to purchase it for her. But Reva and Woody have left
the party and gone to Reva's. When Reva leaves the living room for a
moment. Woody rifles through her mail and other papers on her desk.
She is determine to find out what Woody knows about the illegal
immigrants and Noah. Woody tells her to leave it alone but naturally
she will not be put off that easily. He finally tells her that if her
tells her everything that he would then have to kill her.
In the ladies' room, Lillian is fretting over her apparent aging
skin. Beth comes in and tells her that she needs some romance in her
life. Lillian is upset because of a friend that she had has died of
breast cancer. She points out that the woman had not had a mammogram
in 5 years and asks Beth it she has had one. Beth says no and Lillian
says that she is making her an appointment for the next day. Beth
agrees to go if Lillian dances with the next man that asks her. Deal
they declare. Out on the dance floor, Lillian doesn't have to wait
long. Frank comes up and asks her to dance as Philip and Rick discuss
how Philip has had to bite his tongue to keep peace over the past few
months. Philip is really upset because he had to stand in for Josh at
Beth and his baby's christening and watch as the baby was given Jim's
name. His disposition doesn't improve any when he spies Edmund
dancing with Beth. He goes over and nearly creates a scene and
Lillian leads him off to dance somewhere else. After the dancing,
Philip and Edmund face off and Philip warns him to stay away from his
family. Edmund thinks that this is a peculiar choice of words coming
from him.
Back at Reva's the tension is running high as Reva agrees to play
strip poker/20questions for the information that she is looking for.
She wins several hands and Woody answers that Noah got some of his
new found skills while working with Doctors International. That's
funny Reva says, Noah says he got some of the skills while he was in
high school. Woody begs her to drop the investigation but Reva says
she can't. He tries one more time, pick a reason, Noah or the fact
that it is dangerous but drop the investigation. Again Reva says she
can't and by this time, Reva is undressed to her slip. Woody excuses
himself for a few moments and when he reenters the room, he takes
reva by surprise when he becomes amorous. Reva says she isn't ready
for this and all of a sudden Woody collaspes to the floor as Noah
enters from the patio doors.