Guiding Light Update Friday 9/22/00

By Jackye Nice 

Blake and Selena are excited about Cassie's visit. Blake asks if she's ok
from the other day, Selena assures her she's fine. Blake suggests quitting
the book, Selena says no, it helps her. Blake tells her she has a few
questions before Cassie arrives.

Frank and Harley are asking David about the Santos file. He asks what makes
them so interested in it all of a sudden. They think what happened last
night, the factory and the construction site has something to do with the
Santos family.

Tony, Danny and Ray are talking about Abuella seeming very angry. Danny
explains that last night Reva and Frank came to him asking about the
construction site and sweatshop factory, he made a call to Abuella and she
assured him they had nothing to do with any of it, after they left, they
were run off the road. He came home and asked Abuella if she was sure they
weren't involved and she became insulted. Tony tells him he had better make
this up to her or he might as well use the ticket to Chicago himself. Ray
asks Danny how close to the truth he came.

Susan sees Sam, she tells him she just started back to school and asks where
he was. He pretends not to know where the school is. Susan finds out that
Sam's sister is Olivia Spencer, she says marah is going to freak.

Marah goes to the hospital to see Josh, she tells him about Frank and Reva
almost getting run off the road. Josh asks if Reva is ok, she tells him yes.
Marah asks him to call her and see if she is really ok, Olivia tells them it
isn't a good idea, he is still injured. Josh says he is ok enough to make
one phone call. Marah accuses Olivia of wanting Reva to get hurt so it will
be easier for her. Olivia says she only wants good things for Reva. Josh
goes to call Reva and Olivia says he is making it harder for them to
seperate when he goes to her every time something happens. He says she is
the mother of his children, he doesn't want to see her end up where he is
right now. Olivia leaves, he calls Reva and asks her to come to the hospital
so they can talk.

Ray questions Danny about everything. Tony says he'll send a warning back.
Ray tells him to stay out of it.

David tells Frank and Harley about all the killings of the 3 Santos
brothers. harley asks about the other familys.

Selena says she still feels guilty, maybe that she leaked some information
and got him killed. She says he left us some money but it didn't last. Blake
asks who is us? Selena says it was her and her investment manager, he
handled her money to his pocket. She went downhill from there, til she ended
up in one nice house and Drew was born and she knows the rest of the story
from there. Harley comes over and says that under it all, Cassie is the same
as before. Cassie comes in the door and photographers are snapping pictures
of her.

Marah and Sam bump into each other at the hospital, she tells him to be
careful. Sam goes into Josh's room, they introduce, Josh tells him he's been
looking forward to meeting him. Reva arrives and josh introduces them. Reva
says she is surprised that he's there, because a few days ago, Olivia
wouldn't let Josh's own daughter in the room. Sam says he's mot the
messenger, don't shoot him. Josh tells Reva it isn't necessary, Sam leaves.
Josh tells Reva he was seeing signs of Olivia and Marah were showing signs
of getting along, but the signs are gone now. He asks about what happened
last night, she explains that they were run off the road. He tells her to
back off it, it isn't her problem to investigate the accident. She tells him
no, it's not that simple. Josh says it's about her having trouble letting
go. She tells him it's about a man named Diego who saved his life, and died
because of it. She made a promise to him to find his wife and tell her about
his last thoughts of bieng of her. And also about the factory bieng illegal
and they were illegal aliens. Josh apologizes, he asks what he can do, Reva
tells him nothing but get better. he tells her he is getting out tomorrow,
what can he do? She tells him she is having a funeral for Diego tomorrow and
she would like him to be there, he says he will.

Cassie comes in and they talk about her not changing. She introduces her
lady in waiting and her bodyguard. Blake starts to tell Cassie about a new
idea for a book she has to tell about a mob man and his two loves, his wife
and his soul mate. Reva arrives. Blake and Selena go toward the kitchen,
Selena tells her not to stop what she is doing.

Ray trys to get Abuella or Danny to admit they were wrong or to reveal what
they know. Ray questions Abuella about what is going on around them.

Olivia says I take it Reva was here, she tells Josh she isn't apologizing
for what she said. Josh says he tried to tell Reva the same thing she said,
but Reva had a better more heartfelt reason than they could ever had
imagined. He tells her that Reva does what's right, no matter how it affects
her personal life. Olivia says it isn't over with him and Reva and she won't
accept it, she leaves.

Susan trys to explain to Marah about Sam, marah interupts with her evening
with Tony. Susan tells her to let her finish and tells her that Sam is
Olivia's brother. Sam arrives, he and marah exchange snaps at Reva and

Selena tells Blake not to mention another word about the story. Blake puts a
few of the things Selena told her together and assumes the money was for her
and Drew. Selena tells her to leave Drew out of it. She tells her she'll
finish it later.

Ray and Abuella talk, she says if she wanted to confess to something he'd
see her in church. Danny tries to interupt and Abuells shushes him. Ray says
he can't stay here anymore, he's leaving. He fells like any step he takes he
has to watch he doesn't get bitten.