Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/21/00

By Bethany

Alan and Claire are enjoying an evening together, lace with sexual
overturns, at Alan's mansion. As they smoke a cigar a piece, the mood
is suddenly broken by Vicky when she come into the room looking for a
file that she needs to help her do damage control from the collapse
that Diego died and Josh were injured in. Alan is a little huffy
with her but she reminds him that it is her job to save his
considerable assets. Vicky leaves and they try to resume their
evening but this time are interrupted by the arrival of Richard.
Claire decides that this is a good time to go and look at the roses
on the grounds, but on her way out she finds Vicky eavesdropping on
Richard and Alan's conversation. Richard minces no words in telling
Alan that he is pulling out on all the contracts that he has with
Spaulding due to the two accidents that they have had in recent
months. On that note Vicky appears and acts as though she is getting
Alan's approval on some safety steps that they are planning to
implement shortly to prevent further problems. Richard decides to
wait it out until Alan has a chance to get the new programs in place
and he leaves. Vicky wastes no time in letting Alan know that it was
she that saved his hide. Claire reappears and although Vicky saved
his skin, she has now created more work for him that must be
completed before in the morning. The plans she laid out for Richard
are just notes and they have to be studied and worked up before in
the morning. Claire leaves but they will have another evening
together they both vow.
Back at Reva's, Marah and Tony have arrived. He asks her to be sure
and tell Danny that she was the one that kissed him first because
Danny was about to ship him back to Chicago. Things start to get
passionate and Marah puts the brakes on.
Frank and Reva ponder what the implications could be of the person
ramming them in the rear and trying to run them off the road. They
realize that they are on to something big and Frank calls for David
and Noah to meet them back at the house.
Back at Reva's things are heating up between Tony and Marah but they
come to a screeching halt with the arrival of the police, Frank,
Reva, Noah and David. Marah and Tony exit hastily out the back door
to parts unknown.
When the police and company arrive they check out the house and Reva
explains to Noah that she cannot give up on trying to find Diego's
wife, Ramona. Noah tries unsuccessfully to get her to give it up
because of the danger but Reva is adamant about continuing the
investigation. Frank leaves a patrol car at the house and he and
David head back to Milennium to question Danny again. Once there,
Danny denies that he knows anything about what is going on with the
immigrants. David plants a seed of doubt into Danny's mind about the
migrants when he asks if it is possible that someone is doing in his
family without his knowledge. Danny leaves and goes to Maria's and
ask her if she knows anything. She hotly denies it and is insulted
that Danny doesn't trust her. She leaves in a huff of smoke.
On a lighter note, Phillip and Rick meet and Rick tells him about
Michelle's pregnancy and how excited that he is that there will once
again be a baby in the house. Rick laments over losing Abby as
Phillip tries to assure him that one day he will be father.
Marah and tony arrive at an unnamed club and Tony becomes angry when
another young man seems to be interested in Marah. The longer they
sit there, the more angry Tony becomes until he finally takes the boy
outside and beats him. When he returns in the bar with the boy's
blood on his hands, Marah bolts for home. What did he do, Tony
Cassie arrives at Reva's and she briefly fills her in on the things
that have been going on. Cassie has a surprise for her, she has
pictures of Jonathon. Reva looks longingly at the pictures but she is
convinces that she did the right thing by him in letting him stay
with the adoptive parents. Richard and Noah exchange pleasantries and
they go outside. The moment that they are out there, Richard demands
to know what is going on and if Reva is in danger. Yes she is Noah
informs him.