Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/20/00

By Jackye Nice

Danny tells Tony to pack his bags, he blew it. Danny says he'll take him to
the bus himself. Danny lays a video tape on the table. Tony says Marah came
in, flipping her hair and sat down, then she started crossing her legs. Then
she left. Danny says that if thats all that happened, he'll just play the

Harley finds Susan outside of Jim's. She gives her somethings she left over
at her house. Susan goes inside and Harley follows. Susan says she is the
only one home, Harley asks if she can come in. Susan shrugs her shoulders.
Harley starts making small talk; how was school- fine, have you started your
new dance class- tomorrow, is everything ok- what do you think, it's lousy.
Harley asks if Susan wants to talk about it? Susan says could they just
forget about what Susan said the other day at Company? Harley says no.

Michelle says," I'm pregnant?" Claire says yes. Michelle says a month ago
this could have changed everything, but she can't tell Danny now, it's too
late. Claire asks if she still wants to end her marraige? Michelle says yes,
she more sure now than she ever was, this doesn't just effect her anymore.
She can't tell Danny, he made his choice. Michelle goes over and sits,
Claire says she admires the way Michelle dealt with Danny, she had to do
what she felt she had to do. Michelle says she has to tell Danny, Claire
says she doesn't, she can sever this tie to him the way she has all her
other ties.

Susan tells Harley she knows that she has never wished she wasn't born.
Harley says she loves and is proud of Susan. Susan says she has thought
about what it was like for Harley to give her up, and why. She says Harley
did her best. Harley says she doesn't know what was right, she just wants
Susan to know the truth, she's scared once Susan knows the truth, how she
will think of her and how Susan will think of her. She says that when she
tells her that she loves her, she means it, it's the truth.Harley describes
how she pretended for weeks an weeks that it wasn't happening, she wasn't
pregnant. She thought Frank would be mad and she'd have no one. Dylan was a
child more than Harley, and she couldn't have an abortion. She pretended she
was sick, cut school and watched tv. Frank found out she was pregnant and
although he was mad, he still loved her. He made her go to a clinic where
they helped her decide on adoption. She continued to pretend it wasn't
happening, then one day it was over. Susan asks if she felt anything, Harley
says it felt like someone reached into her chest and ripped out a piece of
her heart and she didn't know how to get it back.

Michelle asks,"End the pregnancy?" Claire tells her she can do it at the
hospital. Michelle says their situations were different, Claire was alone,
Michelle has family and friends who will help and support her. Claire says
that it would be a nightmare once Danny found out. Michelle stands up for
Danny saying he would never use their child against her, the only one who
would do that is Carmen and she's dead.

Danny shows the tape of Tony and Marah kissing. Tony says Marah kissed him,
Danny replays the video. Tony swears Marah made the first move. Danny tells
Tony that he had better not let it happen again or he will show the tape to
Reva. Frank asks Danny if he has a second they could talk to him.

Michelle says Danny would never be like Carmen. Claire says she doesn't want
Michelle to be kicked around like she was. Michelle says Claire is
suggesting the only way to keep this baby safe is to deny it life, that's
not right. Claire says Michelle has a hard decision to make.

Danny asks if Josh is alright. Reva says yes. Frank explains the goodbye
message Reva has for Deigo's wife from him. They ask if he knows anyone who
knows where they came from or where they went. Danny says he may know
someone and goes to make a phone call. A man is watching Frank and Reva.
Danny asks Abuella if she knows who or if they are in on this.

Claire says she wants nothing more than to see Michelle happy with her own
family. Michelle needs to think all this over. Michelle says why, because
abortions are legal and smothering an infant isn't? Michelle says the are
different, she doesn't care about convenience. Claire says it's more about
danger. Rick arrives home. Claire say she is going to meet Alan. Rick sits
down, Michelle says go ahead tell me this is the worst thing that could

Harley asks Susan if that's more than she wanted to hear. Susan says no, it
was kind of a relief. She knew how awful it must have been for her, she
isn't stupid, but not for her. She was with the Lemay's. Harley says with
everything that I couldn't give you. Susan replys everything but you. Harley
says she wasn't a prize to have, but you have me now. Susan asks when she
felt bad, Harley says she always felt bad, she just didn't realize exactly
what it was til she was pregnant with Zach. Harley says she's grateful she's
there now. Susan says she doesn't know if she can trust it.

Reva begins to wory because Danny is taking so long, maybe he got some
information. Frank says maybe he is covering his tracks. Danny asks Abuella
to ask around the other familys to see if anyone's involved. Danny returns
and says he couldn't get any information but he'll put word out. The man is
on the phone, he says he will follow them. He follows Frank and Reva

Michelle says she's had enough from Claire already, Rick says this is great,
it might not be great timing, but it will be great for them. Michelle tells
Rick that Claire spent the last hour trying to get her to have an abortion.
Michelle says she had good points regarding Danny's involvement. Rick tells
her to talk to Ross about it. Michelle says she is afraid to raise the baby
all alone. Rick says he and Meta will help all they can.

Tony goes to Marah's, when she tells him no one is home, he comes in. He
tells her that if anyone asks, he didn't kiss her, she kissed him.

Frank tells Reva that if they find out who is running this operation, they
can shut it all down. Reva says instead of the american dream, diego lived a
nightmare. Ramonna deserves to be there when Diego is buried and to know his
last thoughts were of her. She asks Frank how he would feel if he lost the
one person who meant the world to him, he says I did. Reva apologizes, she
says they are the perfect people to deal with this, they both know what it's
like to be left behind. A car is following them closely.

Vicki is telling Alan about her interview with the Journal. He says she's
the only one in his family he can count on. Claire walks in, Alan introduces

Rick tells Michelle to leave the plates and he'll get them. She tells him
she is pregnant not an invalid, he jokingly tells her that she can mop he
floor, carry stuff to his room and do the dishes. Michelle takes her wedding
ring off.

Marah tells tony that he lied. He says if Danny finds out, he's in big
trouble. She asks what Danny's problem is, he tells her that it is because
his love life is such a mess. Tony says Danny will kick him out of town, he
didn't tell Danny, Danny saw it on the security tape. Marah suggests they go
to a roadhouse, she says she'll meet him in a half hour, he says he'll wait
and escort her.

Frank asks Reva if she is wearing her seatbelt. She says yes, why?  The car
behind them is too close, it bumps their car a few times, before Frank is
driven off the side of the road.