Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/19/00

By Bethany 

Michelle plows through the medical books for a reason why she
fainted. Rick comes into the kitchen and urges her to go to the
hospital for some tests. About that time, Claire enters and says
there is no need, she is there and indeed she takes a blood sample
from Michelle's arm and gives her a quick exam. She and Rick discuss
possible test to run. Rick leaves with the sample while Claire stays
behind and has a mother-daughter talk with Michelle. She is curious
about Claire's relationship with Alan. Claire says that it is nothing
serious at the moment and Michelle warns her that Alan has a bad
reputation. So does she Claire says. But she appreciates the concern
and leaves for work.
Noah arrives at Reva's while she is waiting on Frank. He arrives
shortly and they discuss the situation that she and Noah stumbled
onto the night before at the factory. Frank tells her that she is
right about the place probably being a sweat factory but when he went
there, everything has been cleaned out and hauled away. He tells them
that he called a friend of his that works for the INS & in on his way
to meet them. Noah, Reva, and Frank leave for the factory and find
Charlie Miles all ready there. He is positively livid that Reva
staked this place out on her own. There is no evidence to suggest
that anything had gone on there because when she showed up and
spooked them, they moved everything away before he could get there.
All through the whole morning, Noah has stayed back nervously.
She has wasted his time and he barely has enough of it to prosecute
all the cases that need to be brought to trial. He threatens to have
her locked up for obstruction of justice and leaves in a huff. Reva
isn't about to be put off by his behavior and vows to find another
source of help. When she names over the name of a Congress woman she
wishes to contact, she is met with resistance by Noah. She is in over
her head and she must drop this before something terrible happens to
her. She finally agrees to drop it and Noah leaves for a meeting. The
moment he is gone, she enlists Frank's help in trying to get to the
bottom of this and Frank agrees to help her.
Olivia tries to feed Josh at the hospital but the few days immobile
in the bed have done little for his disposition. He is edgy and
irritable as Olivia points out that he must eat so he can get better
and go home. Olivia offers some womanly persuasion as Marah looks in
to the room from the glass in the door. She needs to get them a
camera so they can make their own version of Big Brother. Marah
offers to move in with Josh when he is discharged but you can tell
that he has other plans and Olivia tells her that she wouldn't have
to do that. Josh tells her that he can manage and she can stop by but
she can't move in. He tells her to go to school and be a good little
girl. Olivia is uneasy when Reva's name comes up and Marah assures
her father that she did visit him the day before. Marah leaves room
and fumes that she doesn't want to be good. She calls Millennium to
see if Tony is there and he is and she hurries over to see him.
At Millennium, Tony tells her that she must leave that he can't be
seen with her by Danny. She accuses him of being a tease and he grabs
and kisses her passionately. She is obviously flustered and goes out
the door to bask in the glory of the moment. Too bad that Danny picks
that moment to arrive. Being no fool, he immediately figures out that
Tony is responsible for the look on Marah's face. He enters the club
and jumps Tony the second he gets in. He thought that he told him to
stay away from Marah Lewis. Tony tries to explain but a livid
Danny hands him a one-way ticket back to Chicago.
Alan and Claire run into each other at the hospital and Alan tells
her that he is there to make sure that Josh doesn't sue Spaulding for
the accident he had. He tells that they now know that the exposition
was intentionally set and he feels that the intent was to injure or
kill Josh. They make plans for the evening to explore their budding
Back at the Bauer house, Michelle is still trying to figure out what
is wrong with her when Claire arrives with the lab results. She
knows what is wrong with her, Michelle is pregnant.