Guiding Light Update Monday 9/18/00

By Bethany 

Claire and Alan have dinner. They exchange parenting advice and talk about
their children's hate for them. Michelle and Rick enter the restaurant for
dinner. A moment later, Phillip and Harley enter and say hello to Rick and

Beth asks Susan if she's hungry, she replys as long as it isn't peanut
butter. Beth tells her she made soup, Susan asks if she poisoned it and Beth
says she resisted the urge. Edmund comes over, he immediately questions
Susan. They talk about her hiding place and about his fight with Phillip.
Susan says she wishes he would have hit Phillip back. Edmund gives Susan a
little advice, lashing out is stupid, you must find your opponents weakness
and use it against them. He recommends a book to Susan. She hurriedly runs
upstairs to check it out on the internet.

Blake tells Selena that Ross is in Chicago to work on a case. She explains
that she is tired of the stress that marraige is causing her life. SHe says
she's tried everything and Ross won't buy any of it. Selena explains her
worry about Susan-- that alot of young girls run away and become prostitutes
turning tricks for men.

Harley tells Phillip about Susan's outburst at Company. She explains it was
hard for her, but it was even harder for Buzz. He abandoned harley and she
abandoned Susan it is almost like a pattern.

Michelle tells Rick that her marriage to Danny is officially over. She loves
him but she isn't going to live his lifestyle, it just won't work.

Danny explains the downstairs club/casino to Tony. Marah shows up. Tony
tells Danny that he is in love with her.Danny warns him to leave her alone
or else Josh, Billy and Bill will tear him apart and he will be sent back to
Chicago without a safety net. Marah introduces herself to Tony.

Beth thanks Edmund for bieng there when she called about the Susan. She asks
about the business he is in Springfield for. Jim arrives home. Beth tells
Jim that Edmund made Susan laugh today.

Danny tells Tony to leave Marah alone. Tony leaves the club.

Selena tells Blake about a man named Mike. She dated him after they met at a
club she worked at. She was upset when she found out he was married and
tried to distance herself. Anothr guy came into the club and was sending her
flowers and candy. She turned him down because she was still seeing Mike. He
began to stalk her. One night after Mike dropped her off, the stalker came
through her window and tried to slice her thoat. Mike saved her, and after
he made sure she was alright, he called 2 men to take care of the stalker.
That night she found out he was in the mob. A few days later, they became
lovers. She could tell him anything and everything. He wanted to leave him
wife but couldn't. She made threats that she would kill herself and/or him.
People took him to a hotel room and beat him badly, so that he was
unrecognizable. He died in his wife's arms and Selena was never able to say

Tony meets Marah outside. they talk and he tells her she is too young. A few
minutes later when she tries to leave, he tells her that Danny told him to
stay away from her. She suggests they go on a date secretly.

Alan tells Claire that he prefers Beth over Harley because of their
backgrounds. Phillip and Harley decide that Claire and Alan have a reason
for bieng together, they have a use for one another.

Beth and Jim are in their living room playing with baby Jim, Susan comes
downstairs. Jim allows Susan to go to the bookstore alone. Jim and Beth are
making arrangements for baby Jim's christening. Beth suggests that they ask
Susan to be baby Jim's godmother. Jim agrees immediately!

harley and Phillip leave. Michelle tells Rick she is going to go home, she
is feeling sick. She stands to leave and faints into Rick's arms. Claire
rushes over.