Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/6/00

By Bethany

This update may be missing about 5-8 minutes of the show due to
interruption of the broadcast by a news bulletin

Holly and Billy survey the campsite that they have selected. She
continues to try to impress him with her knowledge of the outside and
bass fishing. Billy introduces Holly to Rufus the 12-15 pound bass
that no one has been able to catch. She plans to make that her first
order of business in the morning. They go to bed and as soon as Billy
is asleep, or at least she thinks he is, Holly sneaks up and attempts
to practice casting her line in preparation for the morning's
fishing. She gets the hook caught on her pajamas and Billy watches
with quiet amusement. So much in fact, that he doesn't see the skunk
sneaking up on the campsite in preparation for a sneak attack.
At Company, Frank and Harley discuss why Susan has not been
officially listed as a missing person. It hasn't been 24 hours yet,
Frank reminds her. They continue to coordinate the search area and are
concentrating on a very small area. They believe she is not far
because she was on a bicycle. Phillip is quick to point out Susan's
strengths and Harley listens worriedly as Buzz tells Phillip to put a
cork in it. Privately, Buzz muses no wonder she ran away. She had
Phillip to contend with. Frank tells an insistent Buzz that he needs
to stay there with Harley instead of assisting the search in case
they receive bad news. To pass the time, Rick tells Phillip and
Harley about the hospital review meeting. It is over he says. He
showed Dr. Grant the file that proves he passed and that is the end
of it. Dr. Grant seems to realize that Claire was the doctor that did
the tampering with the file but at the present time, he does not want
to take any action. Harley wonders what Claire could be up to now.
Meta is back, Rick continues. As Harley walks off to attend to the
search details, Rick tells a worried Phillip that he wishes the
timing had been better. They had just began to get their marriage
back on track. Frank enters and reports that David and Jim are on
their way to the lake. He leaves to join them.
Maura sneaks into the house 20 minutes after her curfew to find Reva
on the sofa. She is only a little late and hasn't done anything wrong
she assures her mother. Reva asks her if she knows anything about
Susan's disappearance. Maura tells her that she knows nothing and
would not have helped her run away. They share a warm and tender
mother and daughter moment. They happily go into the kitchen to make
their favorite cookies.
Josh and Olivia discuss the lawyers that Reva and he fired. He had to
get rid of him when he brought up Reva's jaded past. He didn't have
any idea what he was opening up. He confides to Olivia that Reva was
raped when she was only 12 and that started an unsavory series of
relationships with men. Olivia seems genuinely shaken by Josh's
revelation. They go to bed.Olivia has trouble sleeping. When she and
Josh continue the conversation, she tells him that Reva is larger
than life and she doesn't know if she can compete. Josh assures her
that it is she that he loves and not to try to compete with Reva.
At the Lemay's, Lillian and Beth discuss the Susan problem. Beth is
really beating herself up over it and Lillian tries to assure her
that Susan's problems are not her fault. If anything happens to her,
she will never forgive herself, she laments. Jim calls and lets them
know the newest update which really amounts to nothing. Beth and
Lillian discuss Phillip and Harley's reconciliation. Beth admits that
she enlisted Edmund's help is getting them back together. Lillian is
taken aback at Beth's confession. Beth assures her mother that it is
Jim she wants and that she is very happy that they worked things out.
Who is she trying to convince, Lillian or herself, Lillian asks?
Back in Camp Nowhere, Billy is still amusing himself with Holly's
attempts to practice her casting. Suddenly, he is sprayed by the
angry skunk and jumps into the river. Before he can stop an
inexperienced Holly, she goes where the skunk is and is sprayed by
the belligerent animal also. She jumps in the river and is astounded
when Billy informs her that the only thing that will rid them of the
scent is a couple of cases of tomato juice. He leaves to get some and
when he returns, they douse themselves in the red mucky juice. Holly
concedes that she knows nothing about camping and was trying to repel
Billy by being a know-it-all. She thought he had rather have a
dependent woman than one that can take care of herself. They decide
to leave and find a place with running water and a comfortable bed.
Olivia is awakened by her wayward brother's headmaster. It would seem
that Master Spencer has done about $7,000.00 damage to the school gym
with his motorcycle and has been expelled and is on his way to
Springfield. Should he send the rest of his things to her? Why not.
She tells Josh about the call and muses that it is a good thing that
she has the apartment, it looks as though she will need it. Josh
offers her a masculine hand with her brother when he arrives.
Back at Company. Harley receives a call from Frank. The connection is
bad and she thinks he said that he found Susan. She and Phillip
discuss how they are going to handle the situation when she gets
back. He offers to help her as much or as little as she wants. He
blames himself for some of the things that have happened and is
encouraged by Buzz to shoulder his share of it. They are still
discussing it when Frank and Jim arrive without Susan but with a
tennis shoe. Frank tells Harley he needs for her to officially
identify the shoe. She does and he tells her the shore washed ashore
at the lake. Frank instructs the off-duty policemen assisting in the
search that now Susan is an official missing person and an APB can be put
out for her. That, and a canine and divers.