Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/29/00

By Bethany (our new updater)

Edmund is still unconscious at the foot of the palace stairs when
Cassie and Richard enter the foyer. As Cassie attends to him, Richard
orders the palace searched for the attacker and for a bomb squad to
come in and search to make sure that there is no explosives on the
grounds. Edmund regains consiousness and they find a large knife
stuck in one of the large pillars at the entrance to the foyer.
Edmund begins to discuss the lack of the security that led to the
attack and tells Richard that he needs to get a security guard for
Cassie. A naive Cassie still wants to be a people princess but when
Edmund points out that the children could have been harmed, she
relents and Richard is ready to try and find someone. Edmund assures
Richard he will handle it personally and will provide him with a list
of candidates first thing in the morning.
Back in Springfield, the house is jumping, Beth and Jim's to be
exact. The party has grown into a full blown teen fiasco with the
arrival of a cocky, obnoxious teen named Freddie.  He comes complete
with alcohol. An uneasy Max pulls Maura aside and tells her the party
is out of control. For starters, Freddie is all over Susan so they
conspire to separate them. Pick on someone his own age, Maura advises
him. Max tries reasoning with Susan to no avail, she is only having
fun and isn't this the greatest party.  It is the middle of the week
and look at all the people she managed to garner to the party. It is
because she was the only one that could conjure up an empty house,
Max points out. While this is going on, Freddie decides that the
punch needs something added to it, liquor and lots of it. So he
obliges and serves the mixture to an unsuspecting Susan. After a few
minutes, Susan is visibly inebriated to the point of feeling sick.
Max attends to her as Maura tests the punch and confirms Max's fears.
Their main concern is Susan and Max attempts to pour out the rest of
the punch before anyone else gets sick. His efforts are hampered by a
belligerent Freddie. Maura calls 911 and reports an out of control
At Millenium, Danny has his own set of problems. He is trying to
teach Pilar the basics of bookkeeping for the nightclub. As they
discuss the business, Father Ray enters. They talk about Danny and
Michelle's marriage or rather the lack of. Danny feels that they have
reached the point of no return and that they are doomed as a couple.
He is still trying to steer clear of the family business when Ray
gets a frantic phone call from his housekeeper heralding the arrival
of Ray's troubled brother Tony. Send him here, he instructs Beatrice.
As they are waiting for troubled youth, Ray discusses the trials and
tribulations of being Tony. He has been in and out of so much trouble
that he needs a passport. His arrival can only mean one thing, he is
in trouble again.  And indeed, when he arrives, he behaves as
advertised. He got into a fight with one of the Chicago gangster's
son and pushed him throught a plate glass window and they have taken
out a contract on him. Take him to the rectory and Danny says that he
will call Maria and see what they can do to help him.
On a happier note, Josh and Holly are having a conversation about the
fishing trip that she and Billy are going on. Amused that Josh seems
to want to know what her intentions towards Billy are, she tells Josh
that she has no desire to hurt Billy. Josh remarks that Billy seems
happier than he has for a long time and he thinks that their relation
may be the reason why. Take it easy on him.  He has crossed the
bridge over troubled waters too many times.
At the Spaulding home, Harley receives a phone call from David saying
that there is an out of control party at the Lemay resident. Pick her
up, now. When they arrive at the party, a full-fledged fight is in
progress between Max and Freddie. After removing several youths to
the squad car, Harley sets her sights on a drunken Susan. She is so
sorry. Not as sorry as she will be in the morning when she gets
through with her. She lays into Max and Maura. Save the explanations
because there is none. She takes her wayward daughter and leaves.
Back at Millenium, Ray and Tony are in the alley attempting to leave
for the rectory when a van drives up. Fast on his feet, Tony shoves
Ray to the side as the mobsters in the van open fire on their
contract and his brother. Tony begans to return fire and Ray attempts
to stop him and is wounded in the crossfire. The van leaves and Danny
approaches the scene. Go inside, call 911, and pray that he hasn't
gotten his brother killed, he orders Tony.
Back in St. Cristobel, Edmund meets with the offending attacker now
out of diguise. It would seem that they set the whole thing up so
Edmund could get his choice of security guard in place for Cassie.He
did a good job, almost too good. He nearly killed him with the knife.
Relax, he aimed for the pillar and that is what he hit.