Guiding Light Update Monday 8/28/00

By Bethany (our new updater)

Edmund meets with a mysterious man and tell him that he has chosen
him for a top secret assignment that involves Cassie. He will be paid
handsomely. The man is skeptical and insist on a large retainer up
front.  What does he have to do?  Edmund fills him in on the incident
with Cassie's horse and the man is not too interested
in "babysitting" Cassie. He will be doing Richard a huge favor and it
will not consume a lot of time and the money is excellent. He finally
agrees.  What does he do now? Nothing yet, Edmund tells him. Just
wait, Richard will be in touch with him shortly.  He accepts the
generous retainer and leaves. Elsewhere in the palace, Richard and
Cassie share family time and a frog that Tammy has found.  Please,
can she keep it. The frog will be happier in his lily pond. Tammy
exits for bed and Cassie and Richard part. Cassie seems to be hearing
a noise outside of the door. She investigates, but finds nothing, not
even the man hiding behind the door.
Back in Springfield, Josh and Reva are separately worrying about the
meeting that they have with their lawyers.  Olivia is on the phone
letting Josh's attorney know about Reva's jaded past. Maura arrives
and Olivia tries to apologize for the incident with the bathtub. 
That's nothing, she should have seen what she saw at home.  She
conveys the Noah and Reva thing with the door. Josh is floored and
furious while Billy strikes a amused posed at the prospect of Reva
locking Noah out of the house.
The meeting gets started and it is hot and heated with the attorneys
taking the lead with very little interest in what their respective
clients want. Josh and Reva decide to call a truce on the tub and
door incidents and the attorneys start up about the house and the
business.  But things real come to the boiling point when Josh's
lawyer very crudely points out that Reva is no Mary Poppins.  In
fact, he states, she is the town slut. A livid Josh fires him on the
spot and since it looked like so much fun, Reva does the same to her
attorney. What the heck, they are only out $20,000.00 between them
and they can iron this out themselves.
At Harley and Phillip's,Susan is trying to get out of the house in an
outfit that Harley disapproves of. Change clothes she demands and she
does. When she descends the stairs, she is in a skin tight sweater
and tight black leather pants. No way, she is not leaving in that
until she changes and enlightens her mother as to where she is going
and with whom. Susan tells her that she is going out with Maura and
Max but neglects to name the other people that she is planning on
meeting at Jim and Beth's. Finally, she comes back downstairs in a
riduclous outfit and Harley tells her she can leave. Outside, Susan
sheds the outside outfit and goes to party awaiting her. Later Harley
and Phillip find the snake shedding evidence that Susan left on the
porch outside.  Phillip muses that she wanted Harley to find it and
Harley remembers what she was like when she was Susan's age.
At Company, Buzz and Ross discuss Selena and Blake.  Maybe they
should be separated. Ross tells Buzz about Blake's June Cleaver
imitation. Buzz counsels Ross and comes to the conclusion that Ross
in love with Blake and really wants to marry her.  Stop trying to run
away from it, he advises.
Back at the palace, Cassie comes face to face with a man who says
that he is one of the gardeners. He has brought her a rose. 
Uneasily, she attempts to walk off and find Richard when he branishes
a pair of pruning shears.  Richard appears and they struggle.  He
orders Cassie to leave the area.  The gardener breaks free and runs
away and Cassie goes down the steps, she is horrified to find Edmund
at the foot of the stairs in a prone position.  He is apparently