Guiding Light Update Friday 8/25/00

By Bethany 

Selena and Blake are having a meeting for the tell-all book that
Blake is writing about Selena's past life.  As Buzz hovers nearby,
Selena explains that Buzz us very protective of her and is afraid of
the repercussions that this book could generate.  Ross is the very
same way, Blake, fumes.  He has this hair-brained idea that the two
of them will come nearer staying together if they do not reamarry.
Blake says that she is tired of living in sin and it can't be good
for the children. She hatches a plan and hurries off to implement it.
Buzz asks Selena what that was all about and Selena says that she
isn't sure but she is worried about the outcome.
At the Spaulding home,Phillips is trying without much success to
prevent Susan from breaking the sound barrier with her loud music. 
He laments that he can't even hear himself think. Susan fires back
that she was unaware that he still did that. Phillip loses his cool
and Susan hurries upstairs to lower the sound system. Phillip and
Harley kiss and began their respective workdays. Harley lays down the
law to Susan and tells her she will listen to her whether she likes
it or not. Susan tells Harley that she is the mother and it is up to
her to fix this problem. (this author would so love to get her hands
on this girl)
At the Country Club, Reva arrives for breakfast with Noah and
encounters Billy.  He states that he is worried about the apparent
games that Noah is playing with her head. Lay off Noah, she demands. 
But Billy must have struck a nerve somewhere because when Noah
arrives, Reva immediately starts firing off questions about his past,
or rather, the lack of it. Noah says that she knows who he is and
doesn't think that she should need any more explanations than the
ones he has already given her. Things become heated and an infuriated
Reva, leaves for home, with Noah hot on her trail. Reva arrives at
home and tries to start her workday. Noah arrives and demands
entrance into the house and when he is denied, he breaks the glass
out of the French doors and enters anyway to a stupefied Reva.  they
continue to argue and Maura enters the room and sarcastically
observes the tension and the glass. Gee, she hopes that she didn't
witness something "inappropriate" for her to see. As the arguement
winds down, Maura fields a call from Susan.
At Company, Susan sweet talks Buzz into letting Max take the night
off.She produces Jim and Beth's house key to an uneasy Max. They
could go over there and do anything that they wish. Max enlightens
Susan that they always get into trouble when she pulls something like
this. All right, she'll invite Maura and Shayne and she calls Maura
and learns that Shayne can't come but she and some friends will drop
by later.  She tells Max, but leaves out the fact that the friends
are plural in nature.
At the Marler home, Blake's hormonal pendulum has take a swing all
the way over to the June Cleaver meets Donna Reed side.  She is
complete with baked good,pearls and heels. Ross isn't sure whether
she is an alien or if he has entered the twilight zone. She invites
Ross to she how much she is capable of changing. He doesn't want her
to change, he wants her just like she is, unmarried and with him.
This infuriates Blake and she throws down the sconces that she had
baked and dumps out the tea she made for him.  After she leaves the
room, Ross muses that he didn't want any tea.