Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/24/00

By Bethany

Due to technical difficulties in the area of the author, the update
is missing about 10 minutes of today's episode.

Unable to conceal his anger that Cassie has been prounced sound to
produce a heir, he takes out his frustation by fencing with his
shadow. Daks enters the room and Edmund orders him to fence with him.
He is no match for Edmund he states and he proves it when Edmund wins
the round. Edmund states that he has noticed that Daks is functioning
below standard since Cassie and Richard have returned.  His
resentment of Cassie boils over into the conversation and he degrades
the life that was formerly Cassie's.  Daks warns him not to make
waves.  It would take a huge scandal to dethrone the princess. While
they are still discussing the situation, Richard brings an injured
Cassie back into the game room. What happened they asks. They were
riding on the grounds in an area that is visible to the public and a
crowd rushed the grounds and a man reached for Cassie and made her
nearly fall off the horse.  Richard tells Edmund to see that a fence
is installed at all entrances to the palace. Cassie objects stating
that they can't fence everything out.  On top of that, Richard wants
her to have a body guard.  Edmund says for once he agrees with
Back in Springfield, Claire has walked in on Harley with Rick's
medical file. She muses that a policewoman is committing a felony. 
Harley says what felony? This is Rick's file, Rick's apartment and he
let her in. Besides that, what about Claire's felony of blackmail all
these years. Despite that, Claire wants to call the police. Go ahead,
Harley tells her, make her day. She would love for her to press
charges so they can get the whole thing out in the open. They wrestle
for the file and Harley loses her grip as Rick enters the room and
restains Claire. Rick says that he needs the file to show to Dr.
Grant. Claire says that she needs to talk to Rick alone so Harley
agrees to wait outside. Claire informs Rick that he did indeed,
despite his former drug use, pass the medical boards and that the
score that she reported was his actual score. She lied all this time
about him failing. How in the world could she have done such a thing
and why. She tells him that she despartely needed to be a part of the
Bauer family when Ed and Maureen took Michelle from her and her only
way in was through him. She did it to make it look like he had failed
and she was being a loyal friend to change the score for him. She
produces the actual test that he took and the score. She panics when
she is sure that he will turn her in.  He isn't going to turn her in.
Thank you, she says. But why on earth would he expose himself she
asks.  He says that all this time he thought that he was a fraud and
he needs his freedom and now he has it.  He leaves with Harley and
they go to the country club and explain the events to an amazed
Phillip because Rick isn't planning on turning Claire in. She is
Claire and she has to live with that and that is punishment enough
for him.
While Rick is headed home to check on Claire, Michelle comes into the
apartment because Claire has the music blaring and she is trying to
study. Claire launches into a disjointed monolog to a bewildered
Michelle. She needs to get clean and clean up her life. She has
nothing but work now and she is going to dinner. Rick arrives after
she leaves to find Michelle trying to decipher what she meant. Rick
tells Michelle that Claire kept a very important piece of information
away from him for years and that it was a terrible thing that she
did. What was it Michelle asks. Rick states that isn't important and
that she should decide on what type relationship that she wants with
Claire without being influenced by this. Should they ask her to move
Michelle inquires? Just be careful her brother informs her.  Claire
is a very troubled woman and is capable of just about anything.
Back at Company, Susan is trying to explain to Max about the family
meeting from hell. At least she has options, they all want her, that
is better than he had. With Max prespective, things seem a little
different. He asks her out and they make plans to take a walk down by
the river later.
Claire enters the country club and encounters Alan. When Phillip and
Harley see them together, they leave and Claire asks Alan how in the
world he could stand to have that woman for a daughter-in-law. Alan
remarks that he knew he liked her for some reason.
Back in St. Cristobel, Edmund makes a mysterious phone call and tells
the party that he has a top secret assignment for him.