Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/23/00

By Bethany

Jim comes home from work and informs Beth that Edmund's plan to
reunite Harley and Phillip was a success. Harley has just called him
for a meeting concerning Susan.  It seems that she saw the late news
of Phillip and Harley while at the lake and came home early  and
caught the nest installment of the story complete with picture in the
newspaper and that they need to talk to her.  He further adds that
they are on the way over and Buzz will join them with Susan.
At the police station, Rick arrives as Phillip and Harley are on the
way out. They have reconciled and Rick is pleased.  He relays the
hospital board meeting events in which he revealed that he is a
fraud. Harley says that at least the good thing is that he is rid of
Claire. Not exactly, he didn't reveal her involvement because of
Michelle. Harley does a mental scan of her schedule and tells Rick
that she might be able to squeeze in a felony if the wants her help
in acquiring the file with Rick's phony test results and exam.
Phillip says, why not, it isn't the first time remembering his and
Rick's past.
In St. Cristobel, Cassie and Richard are reveling in married life. 
They have a new pool table that they are trying out.  This is a very
expensive table complete with 19th century ivory balls that are
irreplaceable. Daks come in and they announce that while they were
away that Cassie had a series of fertlity test and she can indeed
produce an heir to the throne. Dak is instructed to feed this tidbit
of information to the rumor mill so that everyone will know. Daks
leaves and Richard and Cassie decide to start on the project of
producing the new heir.
At Company, Olivia and Josh are discussing the situation with Maura
and Reva. Olivia shows him the floor plans for her new home. Josh
explains that Reva has a problem with Maura and her sexuality because
she was such a hell-cat when she was Maura's age.  She is afraid that
she will make the same mistakes that Reva made. Josh says that he
pointed this out to Reva and the reception was less than pleasant.
Reva and Maura are having a mother-daughter lunch when Noah joins
them. At first Reva is please that Maura seems interested in Noah's
story regarding his run-in with Billy and the explanation that he
gave him. Billy is just being Billy, Maura assures him. She flirts
shamelessly with him as he tells them about the stories of his life
with Doctor's International. When Noah leaves, Maura excuses herself
and makes hand to arm contact with Noah. Reva invites Selena to sit
down with her.  Her daughter has just been flirting with her
boyfriend,she exclaims.
Back at the Lemay house, the foursome call a truce.  Phillip proposes
that he drop the custody for the baby if Jim will stop the adoption
procedures for six months to give everyone time to stop and catch
their breath.  Jim agrees and Harley and Beth began to bond with
Little Jim as Susan and Buzz walk in.  Susan flies into a rage at the
sight of Harley holding the baby. Is this how it is going to be, she
rails? She doesn't want any part of it.  Buzz attempts to mediate
when he likens her situation to poking a hornet's nest with a stick.
Asking the "hornets" if they would like to speak, Phillip attempts to
find common ground with the infuriated teen. She finally agrees to go
back to Harley and Phillip's as they iron out the upcoming trip to
the lake for the Lemays. Harley leaves to carry out her felonious
plan with Rick.
She arrives at Claire's apartment with Rick.  She has about an hour
Rick assures her. Claire doesn't get off work until 6.  The plan is
for her to go in, find the file and give it to Rick. She goes through
a couple of drawers and closets and comes across the folder with the
file inside.  As she prepares to get the file and leave, Claire comes
home early and orders her to drop the file.