Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/22/00

By Merilee

Michelle and Rick come into the country club following a game of
tennis. They discuss their respective marriages and Rick adds that he
misses Abby. At the Santos house, Maria and Danny are discussing his
marriage.  Danny states that he is hurting from losing Michelle but
when he "killed" Carmen's killer, he crossed a line that Michelle
will never recover from and they are finished. He leaves and Maria
contacts Michelle at the club.  She implores her to come to the house
and talk with her. Michelle declines but Maria states that Danny is
gone and she will be home if she changes her mind. Rick tells
Michelle that she needs to face her demons and try and see if she and
Danny have anything left to fight for. As she leaves to go to
Maria's, Claire enters the room for a hospital meeting. They trade
insults and Rick suggest that Claire get a life, perferably in
Chicago. She tells him that he shouldn't talk to her that way since
she has information about him that could ruin his life. Rick realizes
that he cannot pay the price for Claire's silence any longer. The
hospital board in concluding their meeting when Rick rises to his
feet and declares that he is a fraud.  He was high on amphertamines
and his failing board scores where changed to passing ones by a
professor that he was having an affair with. He does not reveal
Claire's involvment.  Dr. Grant is dumbfounded and admits that he has
stumbled into an area of the law that he has no idea how to proceed
with.  Why did he break it to the board without coming to him first.
Because, Rick says, if he had gone to him first with the family
connection, Charles would have tried to fix the problem and he would
be just as liable as Rick is and he didn't want that.  He is prepared
to accept the consequences for his crime. This way, Charles is off
the hook and it is a matter of public record.  He apologies for the
lawsuits that will surely be generated from the fallout of the
announcement. After the board leaves, Claire asks if he is going to
reveal her invovlment in the case. That is up to her. That is her
demon.  Please meet her back at the house at 6pm. There is something
that he doesn't know and she needs to discuss with him.
Back at the Santos house, Michelle arrives to talk with Maria. She
tells Maria that she cannot live the life that Danny has chosen to
live and that he made the choice when he "killed" Carmen's killer.She
tells Maria that she is still "seeing Carmen and has smelt her
Danny arrives and he begs her to stay with him.  They will go away if
necessary but Michelle tells him no. He needs to divorce her and set
her free.
At the police station, Harley is still the "butt" of the jokes over
the picture of her and Phillip.  They have even set up a Ken and
Barbie doll in the same postition as the photo.  Susan arrives and
demands as explantion. Harley explains to her that you can't give up
on someone that you love simply because they make a mistake. Furious,
Susan leave vowing to live with Buzz.
When Susan arrives at Company, she attempts to "butter" Buzz up
before she moves in for the kill, asking him to let her stay with him.
No he tells her.  She can't keep running, she has to face her
problems with Jim and Harley.
Holly and Billy give Noah the third degree about his lying.  He did
work for Doctor International but he worked under a fellow med
student's name when he became ill with Mono. They were similar in
physical characteristics and so he worked under his name. He tells a
touching story of the unselflessness of the poor children in the
villages that he worked in and Holly is emotionally roped in by the
story.  Billy doesn't buy it so he and Holly make a bet. Holly
contacts the medical students and finds out that Noah was telling the
truth. Billy can't believe his good fortune when, although he lost
the bet, Holly still wants to go fishing with him.
After Michelle leaves the Santos house, Maria makes a mysterious
phone call in which she asks, Michelle is still seeing Carmen,
smelling her perfume.  How can this be she asks?