Guiding Light Update Monday 8/21/00

By Merilee

Just about everyone is town has a copy of Holly's article and picture
of Phillip carrying Harley out of Tower's.  Everyone has their own
take on it. Reva expresses a slightly interested amusement.  She has
bigger fish to fry with the situation with Maura and Josh still
hanging fire. She attempt to discuss the situation with Maura but she
is belligerent and evasive.  Shayne arrives in the middle of the
conversation and is mildly interested in what he has missed. When
Reva brings him up to speed, he states what again?  This is something
that Reva is not prepared to deal with and attempts to get further
details out of Shayne. He slips out the door when Noah arrives
without enlightening his mother on his experience with the Josh and
Olivia x-rated scenes.
Back at Company, Josh and Olivia discuss the problem that they have
created.  She'll just move out, Olivia offers.  It would nip it so
that maybe Reva would back off from full custody. Josh explains that
is thinks since Reva had amnesia when she was gone all those years,
that she might gain sympathy from the judge and might be granted full
custody if she chose to take it that far. Josh decided to tell Reva
about Olivia's offer so that she will back off.
But Reva and her lawyer are all ready discussing the sordid story
that Maura relayed to her mother and he is gung-ho to seek full
custody. Maybe Josh is going through some mid-life crisis and he
plans to hire a PI to look into Josh expenses to see if there is a
pattern of buying things that would indicate that Josh is attempting
to regain his youth.
At the Marler home, Blake and Ross are continuing their disagreement
about the current status of their "un-marriage".  Blake continues to
feel that Ross just doesn't want to commit to her and Ross is just as
adamant about thinking that Blake doesn't do well in a structured
relationship.  Ross leaves and Holly arrives while Blake is still
fuming.  Maybe Ross has a point. Well thanks a lot, Blake sulks.
Holly receives a strange cell phone call, sets up a meeting with
Billy and leaves.  Selena arrives and give Blake the first good news
of the day, she is ready to start on the book.
Back at company, Buzz,Frank and David discuss the picture of Phillip
and Harley. After several insults, Harley tells everyone that she and
Phillip have reconciled and for them to lay off. Buzz can't believe
that he still has to put up with Phillip being his son-in-law. Selena
and Harley seem to be the only ones happy about the reconcilation.
Billy and Holly discuss the phone call that Holly had received. It
seems that Noah lied about being with Doctor's International. Billy
calls Noah over and confronts him about the call.  So you checked up
on me, Noah asks. What name did you use? Billy, hardly able to
contain himself asks, how many names do you have?
Back at Reva, Josh arrives as Reva's lawyer is leaving. Josh observes
that she didn't waste anytime. Maura comes in and Josh and she have a
talk about Olivia.  Maura would like to see Josh dump her but he
tells her she will have to settle for them living apart. After Maura
leaves, Reva tells Josh that Maura has become defiant and hard to
handle. So this is what all this is about, Reva is afraid that she
has been a bad mother and that Maura will grow into the same type of
young spit-fire woman that Reva was. Josh leaves and Reva burst into