Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/17/00

By Bethany

Some of the people at Towers find the altercation between Edmund and
Phillip funnier than others. Vicky finds herself living every public
relations person's nightmare.  The press flock around and snap
pictures at every conceiveable angle and vie for the best take on the
story of Phillip Spaulding attacking an International celebrity.
Holly is having a field day with the incident as Vicky tries in vain
to get the dogs off the scent. Josh and Billy are amused by the
incident while Edmund quietly tries to salvage his evening by having
a drink with Olivia. David inquires if Edmund wishes to press
criminal charges against Phillip but he declines.  Josh and Billy
muse that for someone who just got a black eye, that Edmund seems
extremely happy about it.
Phillip and Harley find themselves driving to an unknown destination
in the pouring rain while they agrue about the evening's events.
Harley demands that Phillip stop the car and let her out. When she
attempts to get out on her own, he activates the child-proof locks so
she can't get out. They continue to argue about everything that led
to the downfall of their marriage but in the end they discover one
unmistakeable fact;they are still in love with each other.  After
Harley flips off a list of requests:  Phillip spending more time with
her and Zach, they kiss and agree to give their marriage another try.
Somehow during the playfulness of the moment, Phillip loses control
of the car and they end up down a steep enbankment. Again they start
up and somehow Harley disengages the lock on the door and falls out
of the car into a huge mud puddle.  When Phillip attempts to free
her, he falls in too.  After climbing out the two new love birds
decide that they only way they are going to get home is to walk.
David and Ruth engage in a conversation about Ruth's disdain for
Vicky. Ruth explains that she has had a rotten day compounded by the
fact that she can't afford a cell phone and car like Vicky can. 
David offers to take her dancing but she explains the never ending
work of a single mother and declines.
Edmund heads to Beth's and recounts the escapades of the evening. 
She attends to his black eye and they commiserate their respective
childhoods. It seems that they do have something in common after
all.  Edmund shares a tender moment with Lizzie before Jim arrives
home and angrily orders him out of the house.
Following an interesting evening at Towers that included the fight of
the century there and breaking up one by phone between Maura and
Shayne, Olivia and Josh arrive home and treat themselves to a bubble
bath. Maura walks in unknowningly on the pair and heads for the hills
before they see her.