Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/16/00

By Bethany

Josh and Olivia are in the middle of a romantic shower when Phillp
calls to let Olivia know that the bid that she submitted to Alan has
been accepted by Spaulding Enterprises.  He tells her that there will
be a press release at Towers at 5pm followed by dinner at 6pm for the
announcement of the controversial project. Phillip plays right into
Beth and Edmund's hands when he calls to invite Beth and Jim to the
press conference. She declines but immediately calls Edmund with the
plans so he can put operation "get Harley and Phillip back together
again" in motion. Edmund gets Beth assurance that this is what she
truly wants. He calls a suspicion Harley and she agrees to the "date."
Josh and Olivia have a slight disagreement when Josh finds out the
she has gone behind his back and acquired this contract for Lewis
Construction. He relents when she accuses him of disliking the idea
simply because it was presented to him by a woman. He states that he
likes the idea that Phillip will be financing the new company that
they have started.
Vicky invites David to accompany her to the dinner and "sizes" him up
for a tuxedo.  He accepts and she happily goes off to attend to the
arrangements for the affair.
Blake and Selena discuss writing a book about Selena's past life.
Selena does not want to profit from the book but Blake convinces her
to do it for the idea of letting the rest of the world know what it
is really like to be caught in "the life". Selena recounts to Blake
the story of her husband's death and how she became entangled in "the
Harley and Phillip have a heated discussion regarding Phillip's
inability to stay away from Beth. Harley fumes that she will always
be second best and orders Phillip to stay away from her.
Ruth and Vicky trade barbs regarding Vicky's date with David and Ruth
dumps coffee all over Vicky's paper and address book.
Buzz expresses displeasure at the idea of Selena and Blake writing a
book about Selena's past life.
Back at the dinner conference, Vicky tries to answer Holly's
questions regarding the demolition of a 1903 building in order to
build the new project. Guided by Edmund's skillful hands, an
unknowing Harley gives Phillip the impression that they are having a
wonderful time. Harley gets caught up in the ruse and begins to play
along when she realizes that Phillip is getting steamed. When Josh
reminds Phillip the Royal Brothers in the Caribbean can cause poor
business judgment, Phillip becomes unable to contain himself any
longer. He waltzes over to Harley and Edmund's table and a witty and
heated exchange ensues regarding the state of his and Harley's
marriage. Phillips loses his cool and decks Edmund and carries Harley
out of Towers, fireman style with the TV cameras rolling onto every