Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/15/00

By Merilee

police department

Edmund is trying to get Harley to go out with him but she doesn't think that
it would be a good idea; given his history.  He explains that Cassie and
Richard have forgiven him.  She finally agrees to go out with him.

Alan's office

Beth is busy on Philip's computer when Olivia walks in.  She tells her that
she works here and that she is looking up some stuff.  Alan comes in.  Beth
tells him that she needs some more time on her maternity leave.  He tells her
that her job will be waiting for her when she's ready to come back.  Beth
leaves and Olivia tells him about Beth going through Philip's computer.  She
then tells him about the deal that Josh's company is willing to make with
Alan's phony company (that is really Spaulding Enterprises). 

Bauer house

Dannyandd Michele are talking.  He wants her to give him another chance but
she won't.  He leaves (but I have a feeling that he is not giving up).


Holly and Blake come in and Buzz and Selena join them at the bar.  Blake
tells them all about her miserable book signing.  She continues by saying
that she has no good ideas for books.  Everytime she comes up with something;
her publisher doesn't like it.  They leave and Selena falls into another
dream.  She is back in her room with the mystery man, (whoever that is) in
her hooker days, and he's propositioning her.  She comes out of it and Buzz
comes to join her.

Jim's house

Edmund and Beth are talking about his upcoming dinner date with Harley.  Once
Philip sees them together, that should make them jealous.  He wants to know
if Beth did her part.  She tells him that she was looking through Philip's
computer but that she got caught.  He wants to know by whom and she says that
it's not important. 

Santos house

Danny is talking to Maria.  She wants to know how things went with Michele. 
He says not too well but that he hasn't given up on her.  He leaves and
Carmen and Maria share smiles.

Sorry about the gaps.  Will do better next time.