Guiding Light Update Friday 8/11/00

By Merilee

                                                         the  Country Club

Philip and Rick are enjoying breakfast.  They talk about their behavior from
the day before.  Rick admits that he wanted to hit Philip for the scene he
caused.  Philip starts telling him about last night.  How he went over to
Harley's and shooed the babysitter away because he didn't like the way she
was doing things.  How he was going to take the baby with him.  Harley came
home and one thing led to another and they made love.  After Rick leaves,
Alan joins his son.  He wants to know where he was last night.  Philip says
that he got home very late and went straight to bed.  "Why?"  His father says
that Jim and Beth took the children and moved back to Jim's place.  Philip
gets up to leave and tells his father that he is going to take care of things.

                                                             the Santos house

Danny is having a heart to heart with his cousin the priest.  He explains
what went on at Millennium last night and that he couldn't kill the man; that
he left and Carlos took care of things.  Because of this, Michele has asked
him to leave her.  Danny explains that the man was the one who killed his
mother.   His cousin agrees to go talk to Michele and Danny is grateful.

                                                       the Bauer kitchen

Michele is busy in the kitchen when Claire comes in.  She has thought about
everything and wants to apologize to the whole family; Danny included.  She
wants to know if she will be kicked out of her home.  Michele says that she
doesn't know about what Danny thinks because he doesn't live there anymore. 
Claire leaves and soon after that; the priest comes in.   Michele has just
baked some cookies and tells him that he can take some over to the shelter. 
They talk about Danny.  Michele says that she is worried that Danny is
getting sucked back into the "family business".  He reminds her that she is
his business.

                                                          Harley's house

She is cleaning up after the baby when Rick stops by.  He tells her that he
knows everything that happened last night.  He tells her he wants to see the
baby but she tells him that he is at the park with a reliable babysitter.  He
leaves and Harley starts to make a call.  She changes her mind and heads for
the door.

                                                       the Country Club

Harley is there expecting to find Philiip but finds Alan instead.  She asks
him to be honest with her.  She asks him that when they heard about the plane
crash; did he mean what he said about her?  "No".  He was just saying those
things because he had a feeling that that was what she wanted to hear.  She
thanks him and leaves.

                                                       Beth and Jim's house

They are unpacking when Philip shows up.  He wants to know why they did
everything so secretly.  A shouting match starts and Philip leaves.  The baby
starts crying and Jim says that he is going for a walk.  Beth gets the baby
and the door knocks.  She puts the baby down and answers it.  It's Edmund and
he tells her that he is ready to help her with Philip.  No matter how ugly it