Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/09/00

By Merilee

Harley's house

Harley stops Philip before he can take the baby.  He tells her to come in and
see the mess the kids made.  She does and can't believe what she sees.  She
tells him that the babysitter came with excellent references.  They continue
talking in not so quiet voices until she starts to cry.  She wants to go back
to the way things were before but there's always one obstacle:  Beth.  He
starts begging for another chance.  One thing leads to another and they wind
up really kissing.  Before you know it, they are on the couch making love. 
When she comes to her senses, she gets up to get dressed.  Philip just
watches her.


The mystery man, Carlos, and two of his thugs are waiting in the back room
for Danny.  Danny is watching everything upstairs.   Danny enters the room
and immediately the mystery man asks if this is a setup.  Danny says that he
has proof of the man's staying in an hotel and how he is making payment.  He
wants to know how often the man comes to Springfield.  The man says he's only
been here a few times.  Danny wants to know when is the last time.  The man
says a couple of months ago.  Danny says that that is about the time his
mother was killed.  The man tries to get up but the thugs push him back in
the seat.  Danny raises a gun and points it at him.  Carlos says that he will
take care of the man and Danny leaves.  The whole thing was a trick.  Carlos
gives the man money and tells him to get out of the country.  When he is
gone, Carlos makes a phone call to Danny's grandmother.  She wants to know if
her grandson bought it.  Carlos says yes.

the Bauer kitchen

Michele and Rick are making supper.  She tells her brother that she know
something is wrong with her husband but he won't tell her anything.  Danny
comes in and tells Michele that he now knows who killed his mother and it
wasn't Claire.  He tells her that the whole thing has been taken care of.