Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/8/00

By Merilee


A policeman has come to take Reva to the police station.  Josh's lawyer wants
to press charges.  They leave and Josh and Reva's lawyer follow.  Meanwhile
Philip and Ross are still going at it.  Philip tells Ross that he is fired
and Ross reminds him that he can't fire him from being an uncle and a friend.
 Rick comes in as Ross leaves and he tries to calm his friend down.  They are
standing at the bar when Rick tells him that Abby left him.  He says that as
much as he wanted children; Abby didn't.  The place clears out and Pilar,
Danny, and Carlos are left.  She leaves and Danny asks Carlos what he has
found out.  Carlos says that he found out that their mystery man is staying
at the hotel and paying with a fake plastic card.  He tells him as he is
leaving to keep digging.  Pilar and Billy come in and Danny explains that he
is closing the place early and that he wants them to go to a movie.  The two
kids leave and Danny puts a sign up in the door saying closed for a private

                                                             the police

Harley, Frank, and Vicky's boyfriend (I forget his name) are talking when
Reva and the others come in.  Josh finally manages to get everybody to calm
down.  Josh and Reva still can't agree to anything so they agree to keep
their respective lawyers.  Noah brushes past Josh and asks Reva if she needs
a ride.


Josh is pleasantly surprised when he opens the front door and finds Olivia
there with only see through stuff on.  He starts pulling coupons off of her
and things start to get hot. 


Beth and Jim are packing.  They have decided to move out of the mansion 
Lizzie comes in and sees the suitcases.  Jim and Lizzie leave the room and an
upset Beth reaches for the phone and calls Edmund.  She tells him that she
needs him.  She hangs up and Jim and Lizzie come back.  Beth talks to her
daughter and soon everything is smoothed over. 

                                                         Harley's house

Philip stops by but uses his key to get in when he hears noises inside. 
Zac's babysitter and some other kids are having fun.  Philip orders them out.
 He picks up the baby and starts to play with him.  He packs his diaper bag
and the two of them head for the door when Harley comes in.  "Stop right