Guiding Light Update Monday 8/7/00

By Merilee


(The whole story took place here today.)  We open up with Reva in another
room with her lawyer.  She points out to him who is representing Josh.  Ross
gives Reva a file and she in turn gives it to the other man.  She tells him
that there are a number of documents in there.  Meanwhile, Beth, Jim,  and
Ross are waiting on Philip.  When he comes in, he is very angry and tells
them that he will not be in on this meeting.  Carlos comes in with a man and
wants to talk to Danny.  Danny takes the man upstairs and they start talking
about the Santos family.  The other man says that he is very sorry for Carmen
death.  Downstairs, Pilar is trying to supply free wine to the table where
Josh, Billy, Olivia, and Josh's lawyer are.  Things get really heated when
Josh and his lawyer excuse themselves and go in the other room.  (They did
not know   that reva is back there with her lawyer.)  The scenes flash back
and forth to each table and the lawyers are making impossible demands.  The
discussions finally break up and the two lawyers meet out in the bar for
drinks.  Upstairs, the older man has left and Carlos appears.  Danny tells
him that the man is asking too many questions and seems to know an awful lot
about the family.  He wants Carlos to keep an eye on him.  The discussion is
really heating up at Philip's table.  Philip will do everything in his power
not to let Jim adopt his baby.  Ross tells him that he hates to admit it but
Beth is right.  Philip cannot believe this.  Reva's lawyer hands her a
document.  She can't believe it because this is the exact stuff that she has
requested.  She storms over to Josh's table and gets a hold of the wine and
accidentally shakes it up and sprays some.  She grabs the bucket of ice and
aims for Josh but he ducks and ends up hitting his lawyer.  He screams about
this being some kind of attack.  Danny and Pilar look on from upstairs and
she asks him if he's sure he wants to be in the restaurant business.