Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/02/00

By Merilee

the airport

Abby is seated when she notices a concerned woman trying to help a little
girl.  She deducts that the little girl is deaf and starts signing to her. 
Just then the little girls mother approaches them happily.  She thanks Abby
and praises her for knowing sign language.  They leave and Reva and Noah come
around the corner.  Reva is surprised to see her and asks her friend what she
is doing here.  Noah conveniently excuses himself.  Abby slowly tells Reva
that she accepted the job in Washington and that she is going by herself. 
She and Rick have split up.  Reva continues talking to her but Abby says to
her that she has ruined her marriage and that she has no right to talk about
hers'.  Reva agrees but she says that most of the problems were her fault. 
Noah comes back and asks Reva if she's ready to leave.  Reva asks her friend
if she needs a ride.  Abby says no that she wants to think for a while.  She
begins to think about the good times that she and Rick had.  She takes her
cell phone out of her purse and calls the house.


Rick is slowly getting drunk.  Claire pretends to care about his problems and
even offers advice.  She tells him that she will be back and as soon as she
is out of earshot; she calls his house.  The answering machine picks up. 
"Good.  She's not there."  She goes back to Rick just as he announces that
he's leaving.  She grabs a hold of him and tells him that she has her car and
she'll take her home.  While all this is going on, Olivia and one of Leo's
cohorts are having a meeting and discussing Reva's fate.  Who should walk in
but Reva and Noah.  They go to the bar when Reva turns around and spots
Olivia.  She goes over to the table and wants to know what is going on. 
Olivia tells her that she should ask Josh.  She has a change of heart however
and tells her.  She explains to her about the big business deal but she was
nowhere to be found to sign the papers.  Reva says that she forgot to give
Josh her power of attorney.  Olivia goes back to her table and the associate
tells her that she better change her attitude or she'll blow the whole thing.

                                                       the Bauer kitchen

Claire and Rick enter the kitchen and immediately he goes in search of his
wife.  The telephone rings and Claire rushes to it.  The answering machine
picks up and its Abby telling him that she is coming home.  Rick wants to
know who it was but she has pulled the wire out.  Later on, Rick is asleep in
his room.  Claire climbs into bed with him.  Abby comes in the room and is
very shocked and surprised by what she sees.  (Rick is asleep.  Is Claire
pretending to be asleep?)