Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/1/00

By Merilee

the roof of Harley's house

Susan and Max are still on the roof.  She says that she can't believe it's
him and wonders how long he's staying.  The rest of the summer he tells her. 

                                                  the Bauer kitchen

Rick and Abby are still talking.  Both of them are in tears.  She asks him
about the possibility of his coming up on the weekends but he vetoes that
idea.  They claim they still love each other but their goals have grown
apart.  Abby says that she has to get ready to go and Rick says he has to
leave.  Later, Danny and Michelle come in.  Michelle tells Abby that she is
very excited about Abby and Rick going away.  She wants to know when they'll
leave.  Abby tells the girl that she can't lie to her.  "I'm going by
myself."  She continues by saying that she is sorry to have to say this but
she is leaving Rick.  Michelle asks if they still love each other.  Abby says
that they do but they've grown apart.  Michelle wants to know who will eat
ice cream with her, who will get up with her at 3:00 in the morning,
etc.........  They share a tearful hug.  Abby tells the two of them that she
has to get to the airport.  Danny wants to know if she needs a ride.


Claire and Danny's grandmother are talking.  The old lady tells Claire that
she knows about how she killed Carmen and Danny is out to prove it.  Claire
tells her that they must stop him.  She says that she doesn't want to lose
her daughter, again. 

the site of Danny's and Michelle's house

They are in the shed looking at their picture on the wall.  Danny said that
whoever is staying here probably cut it out of the newspaper.  They continue
talking when she suddenly freezes.  Danny asks her what's wrong and she
whines that she smells his mother's perfume.  She wants to know if she is
going crazy and he assures her that she's not.  They decide to leave.  Much
later, someone else is in the shed.  We don't know who; all we see is a hand.
 (My guess is that it's Carmen).  The hands are holding the picture and rips
Michelle off.  The hands set fire to the picture of Michelle and throws it on
the floor.

                                                          Harley's house

She is laying on the couch trying to read but everytime she looks up; she
sees a picture of her and Phillip.  She gives up reading and goes to get a
bag and starts putting their pictures in it.  She hears somebody knocking at
the door and finds Beth on the other side.  She reluctantly lets her in. 
Immediately, Beth starts complaining about Phillip's plans for her new baby. 
She goes on and on about how she and Jim will make the perfect home for him. 
She then wonders why Harley is acting the way she is when it's obvious that
she still loves Phillip.  Just as Harley asks her to leave; Susan and Max
come down the steps.  Susan wants her out of the house and to leave Harley
alone.  Later, Harley goes outside and cries to herself that she is still in
love with Phillip.