Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/3/00

By Merilee

                                                       the Bauer kitchen

Rick and Abby are discussing the fact that Rick found her birth control
pills.  She finally admits to him that she never wanted to have children.  He
can't believe what he is hearing and asks her why.  She just says that she
never wanted to have kids.  She explains to him that she lost her hearing
when she was 6 and that Rick had taken her from the tiny community she had
known as home.  She went right from there to living in Springfield.  She asks
her husband if he ever regretted her having the implants.  He says no.  They
are both in tears.

                                                     the Spaulding Mansion

Beth, Jim, and Phillip are in the house talking.  Phillip cannot believe what
he's heard.  He roars that there is no way that Jim is adopting his baby, 
Beth reminds him that he was willing to let Jim raise the baby as his. 
Phillip agrees with his ex wife but reminds her that that was before the
truth came out.  Jim tells him that he's just thinking what is best for the
kids.  Philli gets upset and takes the legal paper out of his pocket and
hands it to him.  Jim reads it and tells Beth that it's a legal letter. 
Phillip tells them both that he didn't want to do this but they forced him to
and he leaves.

                                                          Harley's house

Harley has just asked Susan what she wants for dinner when there is a knock
at the door.  She puts Zach down and lets in Buzz, Selena, and Frank.   They
have brought food.  Buzz tells Harley that after their last talk, he figured
that they would need something.  He hands the tray of food to Susan.  (Thank
goodness, she doesn't drop it because she's certainly wobbling.)  Harley
looks at Selena and asks her if that is a ring on her finger.  After beating
around the bush; she admits that it is.  Buzz tells everyone that he asked
Selena to marry him and Selena informs them that she said yes.  All of them
are admiring the ring when Susan goes upstairs.  Next, we see her out on the
roof; on the phone talking to Max.  After talking to him for a few seconds,
she finally puts the phone down and looks toward the window.  There he is.

future site of Danny's and Michelle's house

They are very passionate with each other when Danny stops.  He yells Who's
there" and the builder of their house steps out of the woods.  He says that
his men are ready to go ahead with the work; just let them know.  Danny says
that he wants the men to start as soon as possible.  The man leaves and Danny
and Michelle return to what they were doing.  Michelle asks him if they are
in the bedroom.  He says he doesn't know that he'll have to check the plans. 
 They move to a shed on the site.  They look around the place and she asks if
somebody is living there.  He says no but then his wife beckons to him.   She
is staring at a picture of herself and Danny on the wall.


Pilar, Max, and Pilar's grandmother are discussing what to do.  Pilar
suspects that Carlos is behind this and tells the inspector so.  She reminds
him that he's not the only Santos to deal with.  He gives Billy a piece of
paper and leaves.  Pilar says something funny is going on and Billy agrees. 
He tells her about the feelings that Danny has towards Claire.  The fact that
she gave her a shot right before she died and that Claire signed her mother's
will so she could be cremated.  The two of them move out of earshot and
Claire comes in.  The old lady spots her and lets into her about what she did
to her daughter-in-law.  Claire is left speechless.