Guiding Light Update Friday 7/28/00

By Merilee

                                                           the Bauer house

Michelle and Abby are in the kitchen.  Michelle is telling her how much
happier she is now that she and Danny have had some time together at the
cabin.  Abby says that she is very happy for her.  Michelle tells her
sister-in-law that she and Rick will have a fabulous time on their trip. 
Abby says that she has to go get something in the car and walks out but stops
just outside the door.  She is feeling guilty for deceiving her husband. 
Michelle comes out and sees her standing there.  She asks Abby what is wrong.
 Abby is just excited about things and a little tired.  Michelle leaves to go
find Danny and Abby decides to go tell her husband the truth.  Meanwhile,
Rick is on the phone with the agent.   It seems like everything that the
other person is telling him; he agrees to.  He hangs up and starts looking at
brochures.  He looks around the kitchen for a place where Abby is sure to
find them.  He spies her purse and tries to put them in there but something
is blocking them.  He pulls out his wife's birth control pills.  Abby comes
in and sees this.  Rick yells that she doesn't want to have children.  Abby
looks sad as she agrees with what he said.


Phillip turns around to find Harley standing there.  He says that he heard
about Susan.  "Is she okay?"  Harley says that she's back home now and that
she's fine and for a while Susan will be living with her.  He says that
that's probably a good idea; she'll get to spend some time with her little
brother.  Harley sees that he's hurting and she tells him that no matter what
is going on between them that she is a good listener and she'll listen to
him.  They move to the bar and he starts explaining the situation.  How Beth
and Jim are getting back together.  Lizzie is faking being sick again.  Beth
and Jim want to move away and take the kids with them.  Just then, one of
Ross' associates comes in and hands Phillip some papers.  Phillip looks at
them and heads to the Spaulding Mansion.  Meanwhile, Danny is going over some
plans with Bill and Pilar and his grandmother.  One of his workers comes up
and tells him that there is a problem with the vegetable and beer shipment. 
The vegetables came in but they're all wilted and the beer never got here. 
Danny says to call the distributor.  The guy says he did but got nowhere. 
Just then a guy who says he is a health inspector tells Danny that there are
problems in the kitchen and that if he doesn't fix them; he will have to
close the place down.  Carlos appears and asks what the problem is.  Michelle
shows up and is very concerned.  She doesn't understand and Danny says that
he doesn't either.  This place was inspected either last month or two months
ago and nothing was wrong. 

                                                          the Spaulding

Beth opens the door to find Jim.  She invites him in and he says that they
have to talk.  He explains that Susan is staying with Harley for a while and
he goes on to say that he doesn't think it's a good idea to uproot Lizzie. 
Beth says that she doesn't feel right about taking Lizzie and the baby away
from Phillip.  They decide to stay in Springfield but in their own place. 
Phillip comes in and tells them that he has to talk to them.  Jim says that
they are not leaving town.  Phillip is very happy about the decision and
tells them so.   Jim then makes a stunning announcement.  He would like to
talk to him about adopting the baby.  Phillip just turns and looks at the two
of them.

                                                    the royal yacht

Cassie and Richard are back in port.  Richard looks very nice in his suit but
she has yet to get dressed.  Richard opens the door and goes out in the hall
where he finds Dax and Cassie's assistant.  Cassie's assistant goes in the
room with Cassie and Richard follows Dax.  Dax tells Richard that there are
rumors going around.  The rumor says that Cassie may not be able to have any
more children.  Richard wants to know where he heard this.  He also states
that they must keep this quiet that he doesn't want his wife to know.  Back
in the bedroom, Cassie is in the bathroom getting dressed and her assistant
is admiring herself in the mirror with Cassie's crown.  Cassie comes back in
and asks her what she was doing.  The girl tries to hide it but is not
successful.  Cassie laughs and says that it's okay with her to try it on.  If
I were in your shoes, I would be doing the same thing.