Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/27/00

By Merilee


Jim, Selena, and Buzz come in with a very reluctant Susan.   Harley pulls her
into a big hug and says that we have been very worried about you.  Selena and
Buzz go to the counter and Harley, Jim, and Susan go outside.  Buzz tells
Selena to close her eyes.  When she opens them she is staring at an open ring
box.  Buzz asks her what she sees.  "An empty ring box."  He starts going
crazy and muttering how could he lose an engagement ring.  Selena hears those
words and joins Buzz behind the counter and they both start looking for it. 
He is digging up the floor when she sees it.  She gives it back to him and he
gets down on one knee and proposes.  She accepts and the whole place starts
applauding.  They stand back up and embrace.  Meanwhile, outside Susan, Jim ,
and Harley are talking.  Jim tells his daughter that he wants to take her
home but Susan says that she'll just run away again.  She wants to go stay
with Harley and Jim vetos the idea.  Harley tells him "let me talk to her". 
Jim backs off and she and Susan go sit down.  Harley tells her that she's in
her adult mode now and she tries to get her to see where she went wrong. 
Susan stubbornly states that she is not going home with Jim because she can't
stand Beth.  Jim comes back and tells his daughter that it's time to go home.
 Susan says no that she's going to stay with Harley.  Harley tells Jim that
it might be a good idea.  It might give him a chance to work things out with
Beth.  Jim thinks that Susan staying with her is a bad idea because of the
stuff that she's going through.  She says that's not the case and Jim finally
agrees to let Susan stay with her.

                                                     Olivia's apartment

Olivia and Leo are talking.  She just may have a plan to get Reva out of the
picture for good.  She opens the door for him to leave and Josh and Matt are
standing there.  They exchange pleasantries and Leo leaves.  Olivia tell them
about an exciting opportunity with the congresswoman but they have to act
fast.  Josh says that they may have a problem.  He can sign and Billy can
sign but they also need Reva to sign.  He calls her at the hotel where she is
staying but hangs up when he finds out that she has checked out  Olivia calls
the congresswoman and asks to delay the press conference for a day.  She
hangs up and tells the men that she can't wait.  Matt gets very upset and
wants to know why Reva is still part of the company.

Ross and Phillip are talking about Phillip's new problem.  Phillip explains
to him that when Beth was in Arizona; she had sole custody of Lizzie.  He
wants Ross to help him in court to gain custody of his baby son.  Ross says
that that would probably be a big mistake.  Phillip says that he hopes it
doesn't get that far; he just wants his children to stay in Springfield. 
Ross leaves and sees Harley on the way out; squeezes her shoulder.  Phillip
is finishing his drink when she comes up behind him.  "I just want my wife
back.  That will never happen."

Leo is enjoying a drink when his cell phone rings.  It's Josh and he tells
him that he wants to make an appointment.  Leo hangs up and turns around to
Olivia.  She has a very smug look on her face.  
the plane

Reva asks Noah why they only spent the night in Aruba.  He tells her that he
has other plans.  She feels guilty about not leaving word with Josh and the
kids.   Later, they start to get passionate and make love on the couch.