Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/26/00

By Merilee


Jim and Buzz are talking about Susan.  They still haven't found her.   Buzz
is trying to console Jim when the phone rings.  Buzz hangs up and yells that
Susan has been found.  They both race out of there. 

                                                             the Bauer house

Michelle and Danny are outside of the house talking.  They are both saying
how nice it is to finally be alone.  They walk in the kitchen and Claire and
Billy and Pilar yell surprise.  Claire tells Michelle and Danny that they're
probably hungry so she fixed some lunch for them.  When they finish eating,
Michelle is talking to Claire.  She tells her that she and her husband are
ready to start on a family.  They are going to try for another baby.  Danny
and Michelle leave and go to their room.  They are so happy that they get
passionate and Danny throws her on the bed.  In the kitchen, Claire makes a
phone call and leaves a message.  (Is it Carmen that she is trying to get in
touch with?)

                                                          the yacht

Cassie and Richard are lying in bed.  She tells him that she has everything
she needs on board.  hairdressers, etc..........  Richard gets up to go find
them something to eat.  He comes back to find Cassie lying on the bed dressed
as Cleopatra.   He tells her that she is the sexiest Cleopatra that he has
ever seen.  She gets up and walks over to him.  They bow to each other.

                                                       at the gas station

Susan and Max are still asleep in the van.  Susan wakes up first and kisses
Max.  He wakes up and starts to get really passionate with her.  Finally, she
tells him to stop.  After everything that has happened in her life, she is
just not ready.  They get out when Selena and Drew find them.  Selena tells
Drew that she can't believe what Susan did.  Just then, Buzz and Jim show up.
 Jim rushes to his daughter and tells her to get in the car.  She says no;
that she is going to New York.  Jim tells her that this is not the place to
talk and to just get in the car.  Susan says that if he goes back to Beth;
she will just run away again and this time he won't be able to find her. 
Drew tells Max that it is getting late and that they have to go.  Selena goes
off with Buzz.  Max kisses Susan and then goes to the front of the van.

                                                      outside the Bauer house

Abby and Rick are talking.  She tells him that they have talked to her about
her life and she is excited by what they are telling her.  Rick says that he
is very proud of her.  He tells her that he has to get to the hospital and
leaves.  Abby looks after him and tells herself that she hopes he will