Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/25/00

By Merilee

Good afternoon Guiding Lighters!

the gas station

Drew and Selena are discussing the problems with the van.  Max opens up the
back hatch and finds a stowaway.  (It's Susan)  She tells him thank you for
not giving her away but there is one thing he can do for her.  She is hungry.
 Could he get her something to eat?  Max tells Drew and Selena that he is
going to get something to eat and closes the hatch and leaves.  Drew and
Selena walk around to the back of the vehicle discussing the missing Susan. 
Selena doesn't like the idea that the girl is missing.  She feels that it's
an extra hardship on Jim.  Max comes back with a big bag of food.  The
automechanic shows up just then and Drew and Selena explain the problem and
go to the front of the vehicle.  The mechanic tells them that it won't be
fixed until the next day.  Drew tells Max that they will have to spend the
night in the motel next door.  Max comes back to the van that night  with
blankets and a pillow.  He and Susan snuggle up for the night.

                                                          the Spaulding

Beth and Phillip are talking with Lizzie who is laying on the couch.  Lizzie
tells her father that when she gets better; she wants to be able to show her
brother her secret hiding places.  Phillip wants to know where they are and
she tells him that if she told him; they wouldn't be secret.  The doorbell
rings and Beth goes to answer it.  It's Rick and she joins him outside.  She
says that Lizzie is not feeling very well.  She had a nosebleed but it wasn't
a big one.  Rick goes into talk to Lizzie and Beth and Phillip leave the
room.  From the way the little girl is talking, he guesses that she is faking
being sick.  She tells him that she just doesn't want to move.  Her parents
come back and Rick tells that she's fine; she was faking because she doesn't
want to leave.  That sends Phillip off on another tirade about Beth and Jim
leaving and taking the kids.


Jim and Buzz (I like his haircut) are discussing Susan.  It is said that
Frank and some others from the department are out looking for her.  Buzz
tells Jim that it would probably be a good idea if he called Harley.  Jim
calls her and tells her that there is a problem.  He first explains that he
and Beth are trying to work things out.  He holds the phone away as she
starts to yell at him.  When she calms down, he tells her that Susan is
missing.  By chance have you seen or heard from her?  Jim tells her not to
come back in case Susan shows up.  He hangs up and walks out the door with a
worried look on his face.

                                                       Olivia's apartment

The party is in full swing and we see Reva talking with Holly.  Things are
going along pretty well until people start recognizing Reva from her tv show.
 Olivia accompanys her outside where they try to have a civilized talk. 
"This party is not about you."  Josh comes out and attempts to make peace. 
Reva goes back in where the congresswoman corners her.  They start talking
about her tv show.  Reva announces that she's Josh's soon-to-be ex wife. 
Reva asks her to be on her tv show.  Just then Noah takes her by the arm and
ushers Reva to another place.  He tells her that he's had enough of this
party and that he's ready to leave for Aruba.  She finally agrees and they

Sorry, folks.  The show didn't show the first 15 minutes due to breaking
news; stateside as well as abroad.  Hopefully, nothing will happen tomorrow.