Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/24/00

By Merilee

Good afternoon.  Time for Guiding Light.

Reva's house

Reva and Selena and a camera guy are making final plans on a show they're
going to do tomorrow from Reva's house.  When the two finalize plans, Reva
asks Selena if she's alright.  Selena admits that she's going to miss her
daughter.  It seemed like only yesterday that they discovered each other. 
Noah comes in.  Selena asks if they are through.  Reva says yes and tells her
to leave and go be with her daughter.  Noah tells Reva that their plans are
set for tonight.  Reva hesitates and then admits to him that they are invited
to a party at Olivia's apartment.  He asks her why she would want to go to a
party knowing that her soon to be ex husband will be there.  She explains to
him that if they don't go and people find out about the invitation that
they'll talk. 

                       I think it's Company (I forget)

Billy and Holly are sitting at a table.  They are talking about their
drinking problems.  She admits that she came close to drinking something that
she suspected had alcohol mixed in it.  Billy says that it wouldn't had been
her fault because she didn't know.  She says that he would have been proud of
her during the wedding reception.  All that champagne and she wasn't even
tempted.  They continue talking and then Holly announces that she has to
leave.  Billy watches her go and says that he is going to romance her even
though she doesn't know it.

                            Drew's place

Drew and Max are packing the car and Susan is watching them.  Drew goes in
the house and Susan and Max move to the car.  She admits that she wished that
her father had taken that job in New York.  Drew comes back out and sends Max
inside so she can talk to Susan.  "I am between an adult and a child so I can
see it from both points of view" Drew says.  "There is no other point"
exclaims Susan.  Drew says that she knows Jim loves her but he also loves
Beth.  "But, Beth used him".  Drew says that everybody needs a family and
that her father had lost the one woman in his life that he was truly in love
with and that he's probably very lonely.  Just try to see it from his point
of view.  With that, Max and Selena appear.  Selena asks Susan if everything
is alright.  "Yes" and with that she gives Drew a hug.

                       Spaulding Mansion

Beth is talking to the baby when the doorbell rings.  It's a quiet Jim.  He
looks at the baby and wonders how they can do this.  He tells Beth that Susan
is very upset with him right now.  Beth quietly points out that she wants the
family back that she had a couple of weeks ago.  They go outside and Beth
tells him that she has legal custody of Lizzie and that as soon as she is
well enough to leave; they'll leave.  Phillip will still be able to see his
children.  While all this is going on outside; Lizzie is inside talking to
her brother.  When Beth comes back in, she makes a hasty retreat.  Beth picks
up the baby with Lizzie watching from the door.

                   Olivia's apartment

Olivia and Josh are talking about her upcoming party.  She tells him that she
has invited Leo Flynn to the party because of all the things he did for San
Cristobel.  Josh mentions that he doesn't really care for the guy because of
his association with Roger Thorpe.  Josh tells her that he invited Reva and
Noah.  She can't believe this and asks why.  She doesn't think that it's a
good idea for her to come because she wanted to prove that she could do this
by herself and she doesn't think with Reva there will be a good idea.  Josh
reluctantly agrees and calls her on the phone.  The answering machine picks
up and he says that he is sorry but that he will have to take back his
invitation.  When the party does start, the room is full of people.  Olivia
is talking to a congresswoman that Lewis Oil gave money to.  The doorbell
rings and Olivia greets Billy.  He introduces Holly to her.  Billy goes over
to stand with his brother.  Josh says there might be a little bit of trouble.
 He invited Reva and Noah and then called her and left a message on her
answering machine telling her not to come.  The doorbell rings again and
Olivia welcomes Leo.  He wants to know where his prospective client is. 
"Over there with his brother."  The doorbell rings again and Olivia opens it
to find Reva and Noah.  Reva says "let the party begin."  Billy hears the
commotion and tells Josh that obviously that she didn't get the message.