Guiding Light Update Friday, July 21st, 2000

By Merilee

Josh is almost at the front door of Reva's house when he happens to look in
the window.  He sees Reva in a passionate embrace with her new lover.  (at
the moment I can't remember his name)  He goes in the house and the other guy
leaves.  The two of them discuss their divorce.  Josh explains that Ross will
not be his lawyer.  She says she doesn't have one, either.  They start to
discuss what each of them should have.  Reva says that Josh should have
J.B.'s old chair.  "But he left it to you.  But he meant for both of us to
have it."

Olivia is having a discussion with Leo Flynn.  She explains that the divorce
is not for her but for her fiance.  She says that his ex wife is giving him

That's all I got today.  News kept interrupting with a breaking news story in
the area.  I'm sorry.