Guiding Light Update Thursday, July 20th, 2000

By Merilee

the Spaulding Mansion

Phillip and Beth are talking when she bring up her possible reconciliation with Jim.  Phillip says he is very happy for her.  Beth hesitates and then goes on.  The only drawback is that we want to move out of town.  Phillip yells no, "you are not taking my children out of town.  Beth states that she has custody but Phillip states that she doesn't have custody of the baby.  He is not going to visit his children only on weekends.  Standing on the stair is Lizzie only her parents don't know it.  She has heard most of the argument.

The Towers

Susan and Jim are out for breakfast when she tells the waiter that they're celebrating.  Jim has no idea what his daughter is talking about and as soon as they get their food; he begins to tell her about him and Beth.  He starts out talking about family and ends up telling his daughter that he and Beth are going to try again.  "I thought you were only staying in town because of Lizzie" complains Susan.  "The baby is not even yours", she whines.  Susan gets upset and storms out of the restaurant.  Jim catches up with her in the hall.  He just wants everyone to be happy. 

the Bauer house

Rick and Abby are discussing their future.  Abby still hopes to move to Washington and take the job and that Rick will go with her.  Not much is said as they seem to reach a silent understanding and they both leave.

the Palace

 It looks like Edmund has something up his sleeve.  He is talking with Richard's aide and they are still locking horns against who is running the country.  "Did you ever have any doubts about Cassie?"  asks Edmund.  "We resolved them along time ago."    The aide leaves the room and Cassie's secretary comes in.  She gets suspicious with the questions that Edmund is asking her.  "I'm not going to tell you anything else.  You're just using me for information."

on the royal honeymoon

Cassie and Richard are in their room when the pilot brings in their luggage.  "Where's my make-up case?  I know I packed it." says Cassie.  The pilot assures her that he will go look for it and leaves.  Cassie tells her husband that she is sorry that she didn't mean to sound too pushy.  She just wants her make-up bag.  She sits on the couch and says that she needs a lesson on giving orders.  "My first order is for you to make love to me."  \after spending a couple of hours in bed, they go out for a picnic.  The waiters have prepared a picnic on the patio.  Cassie and Richard go out there and she is amazed by all the food.