Guiding Light Update Wednesday, July 19th, 2000

By Merilee

Spaulding Mansion

Beth is in the front room with the baby when Jim stops by.  He tells her that he loves her and is not giving up on her or the children.  She asks him if he wants to hold the baby and he agrees.  (the way he held that baby is laughable)  He tells Beth that he met Alan at the Towers and had a long conversation.  He explains that Alan had offered him a large sum of money to get out of town.  He leaves with the baby to go in the kitchen to get a botttle.  Alan walks in all smiles.  Beth asks him where he was.  He says that he was at a very important meeting.  "Did everything go okay?  It turned out exactly the way I wanted it."  Jim walks in with the baby and disagrees.  Alan asks him what he is doing there.  Jim explains that he has come for his family.  He says that in the morning he is coming for Beth and the children and they are moving out.  Alan says that the children are Spauldings and will always be.  Jim leaves and Beth cuts into Alan.  She tells Alan that if he does anymore interfering; she'll make sure he never has anything to do with the children again

the Bauer house

Abigail is standing on the porch when Rick comes to join her.  Things turn passionate and they go back into the house and into their bedroom.  They make love and Rick asks Abby if she felt anything.  Yes, she replies.  Rick gets up and goes to the kitchen.  While he is gone, Abby opens up her nightstand table and pulls out a pack of birth control pills.  She puts them back before Rick sees them.


Olivia and Josh are having lunch when Olivia gets up from the table and bumps into Claire.  Olivia asks Claire how things are going.  "Let see; Michelle and I were starting to get close when Danny started to interfere.  He thinks I injected his mother and killed her.  How are you?  Is the divorce going through?"  Meanwhile, Ross sees Josh and approaches him.  "You and Reva mean too much to me.  I'm sorry but I can't handle your divorce, anymore."  Josh goes back to the table where Olivia is.  "Is everything all right?  Ross just informed me that he can't handle the divorce, anymore.  It may take longer but it looks like Reva and I will have to take care of it by ourselves."  He gets up and leaves and Olivia pulls out her cell phone and address book.  She makes a phone call but is very mysterious.

Tammy's place

Tammy, her mother, Max, and Susan are at Tammy's place packing.  Tammy and her mother leave the room and Susan goes over to the computer.  Max asks her what she is doing?  "I'm looking for a job for my father and I think I found one."  She goes to the phone, makes a call, and sets up an appointment.  When she hangs up she tells Max that the appointment is for a teaching job in New York.  Tammy and her mother come back in and Susan and Max leave.  Her mother starts weeping over a box and says that she promised not to do this.  She promised not to cry.  Tammy assures her mother that everything is okay and that this is the way a mother is supposed to act.