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Marlena enters the coffeehouse and calls John, leaving a message that she misses and loves him. John surprises Marlena and says I love you too as she jumps up and hugs him.

Billie sits at Bo's bedside in his hospital room. Billie talks to Bo about how she doesn't know where Hope is. Hope then bursts into the room and begins to cry over Bo.

Nicole questions that EJ is saying the money he stole to frame John is missing. EJ affirms that the millions are gone. EJ informs her that Stefano cleaned out the accounts. Nicole wonders why since they don't need the money. EJ thinks Stefano is trying to prove that EJ isn't ready to take over the business and that he doesn't have Stefano's confidence. EJ declares that he is a fool for thinking Stefano ever believed in him or respected him when he never did and never will.

Sami and Lucas talk at the Pub, joking around about a doll for Allie. Lucas points out that she took off her wedding ring. Sami starts to go home but Lucas wants her to stay. Sami wonders what he's up to. Lucas tells her to be patient.

Rafe stops Carrie outside the Pub and says he's not letting her go until she hears the truth. Carrie recalls that Rafe told her that he did not sleep with Nicole but now he's having her baby. Rafe asks her for a chance to explain everything.

John and Marlena kiss. Marlena asks if he's okay. John says he's fine now that he's with her. Marlena talks about being unable to reach him and being worried. John promises to tell her everything. Marlena admits she was scared and John says he was too but she kept him going. Marlena says it was like he felt like he fell off the earth. Marlena wants to know what happened so John responds "Stefano DiMera"

Nicole tells EJ that he's wrong and that Stefano loves him. EJ thinks Stefano fooled her too then. EJ states that his father doesn't care about him and never did. Nicole regrets telling EJ about the election sabotage. EJ is glad that she did. EJ says it must have infuriated Stefano when he still became mayor. Nicole doesn't understand why he wanted EJ to lose. EJ thinks it's because Stefano wants all the control.

Sami talks to Lucas about having to run an errand and drop something off at the DiMera Mansion. Lucas wants her to have a drama free day. Outside the Pub, Rafe tells Carrie that what is going on with Nicole is complicated. He stops her from leaving and tries to explain but Sami and Lucas come out which interrupts them. Sami mocks that Rafe is still trying to juggle two women. Rafe tells her that this is important. Sami brings up Rafe sleeping with Nicole and she insults Carrie about sharing her boyfriends. Carrie tells Sami to go to hell and storms off as Rafe goes after her.

John and Marlena sit together. Marlena tells him that her worst fear was that Stefano would turn them into his pawns and can't believe it was over an egg. John explains there was an engraved gold coin inside that he was after. John tells her that he turned the coin over to the ISA. Marlena says she couldn't believe Stefano was behind the attack on Bo. Marlena mentions that Bo is fighting for his life. John explains to her that she was also being followed. John continues about how that's why they allowed themselves to be hypnotized even though Stefano never planned to turn them back. John says he's home because of her. John recalls finding a photo of her that snapped him out of his hypnotism. They talk about how strong their love is.

Hope tells Bo that she's here and it's okay now. Hope thanks Billie. Billie says she didn't do anything but Hope hugs her and says Kayla told her that Billie's been there every day. Hope wonders if Bo is getting better. Billie points out that he's stable and thinks he was waiting for Hope. Hope tells Bo that she came back to him and cries that he has to come back to her now.

EJ tells Nicole that he told Stefano that he was running for mayor to redeem the family name and for his children. Nicole tells him that Sydney and Johnny are very proud of him. EJ calls it only half true as he wanted Stefano's respect and for him to be proud of him. Nicole calls it Stefano's loss. EJ calls it pitiful of him to cry over his failures. EJ recalls how quickly he had to grow up. EJ wonders when Stefano realized that he was such a failure and a disappointment and why he cares. Nicole tells him that she knows why.

Rafe catches up to Carrie at the town square. Carrie tells him to leave her alone since they have nothing to say to each other. Rafe disagrees. Carrie brings up thinking Austin was sleeping around but he wasn't and was a bad judge of character when it came to Rafe. Rafe tells her that she doesn't know the whole story. Carrie tells him that she doesn't care. Carrie admits that it hurt when she found out he was with Nicole because she thought they had something real. Carrie states that it doesn't matter since she is 100% committed to Austin and their marriage. Rafe questions what made her finally decide to go back to Austin.

Marlena asks John if anything happened between he and Hope. John assures that they did not sleep together. John tells her that she's the only girl for him. Marlena says she's relieved and asks about the divorce. John tells her that they couldn't get the divorce due to all the chaos. Marlena hopes the ISA can help out but John informs her that the ISA brought him back into the spy game.

Rafe brings up that Carrie told him she wasn't sure about going back to Austin and then she was committed to her marriage. Carrie thinks back to hearing Rafe say he was the father of Nicole's baby. Carrie claims that she can't believe he'd ask that since she found out he wasn't cheating and they have 20 years history. Carrie states that she loves Austin and they both made mistakes. Rafe wishes her happiness. Carrie starts to leave but Rafe stops her again and tells her that he never meant to lie to her and apologizes for hurting her. Carrie then walks away.

Nicole sits with EJ and talks about how bad her father treated her. Nicole recalls feeling like a disappointment and tells EJ that Stefano shouldn't matter to him. EJ appreciates it and agrees that he should wash his hands of him but first he wants to prove that he's worthy of the DiMera name. Nicole worries that EJ will destroy himself in the process. EJ turns to Nicole and asks her to tell him that she still loves him.

Billie steps out on a call as Hope sits with Bo and kisses him. Hope tells Bo that they have been through too much to let Stefano win now and she talks about their daughter as Ciara then enters the room and joins them.

EJ tries to kiss Nicole but Sami arrives to drop something off which interrupts them.

John and Marlena talk about the dangers of the ISA and everything they have been through but they don't want to let Stefano win.

EJ questions Sami being there. Sami says she didn't know Nicole was there but Kate insisted she return all of her Countess Wilhelmina files. EJ wants her to leave. Sami brings up how he was nicer to her the previous night and offers to talk but EJ does not want to. Sami says she won't be a nuisance and remarks that she called a plumber to really fix her sink as she then exits.

Nicole joins Rafe at the town square and they sit together. Nicole points out that he looks lousy and figures it's Carrie. Rafe admits that he came so close to telling her the truth that the baby isn't his. Nicole tells him to go tell Carrie the truth and says that he's released from her. Rafe reminds her that he's going to keep his promise to her and Carrie is going back to Austin anyways. Rafe thinks it's too risky that word could get out. Rafe tells her that as far as the world is concerned, the baby is his now and forever.

Hope hugs Ciara and thanks Billie for bringing her. Billie steps out as Hope talks about how much she missed Ciara. Ciara talks about trying to call Hope and wanting to talk to Bo. Hope assures Ciara that Bo is getting stronger every day. Hope promises that nothing like this will happen again once Bo is home.

Lucas brings Sami to her apartment and surprises her by having the kids set up with a tent for an indoor camp site. Lucas jokes with the kids as Sami thanks them. Lucas hopes Sami can forget about her day and have fun with them. The kids show Sami drawings that they made.

Billie talks on the phone with Agent Spencer. Billie talks about Spencer getting in and out of Alamainia. Billie mentions that no one knows she's working with them again. Billie hopes the gold coin is a real lead. Spencer asks about the file Billie found at the mansion. Billie says she was interrupted before she found something more incriminating but she wants to go for a second look. Spencer warns her to be careful. Billie promises to find the proof that puts EJ and Stefano away so they can't hurt anyone she loves ever again.

EJ talks on the phone wanting his men to find out what happened to the money in the accounts now.

Marlena suggests John call the ISA and tell them he doesn't want to work anymore. Carrie enters and trips. John helps her up which shocks Carrie who is delighted to see him home. John gets a call and steps away. Carrie and Marlena talk about how good it is to have John home. Marlena notes that Carrie looked upset when she came in and offers to talk about it. Carrie admits that she's still a mess. Marlena thought she had made her decision. Carrie says she has since Austin is her husband and she's going to do everything necessary to save her marriage. Marlena brings up Rafe but Carrie asks what about him. Marlena agrees not to talk about him then. Carrie informs Marlena that Rafe is having a baby with Nicole. Marlena laughs it off and doesn't believe it but Carrie tells her that it's the truth and says so much for Rafe being one of the last good guys. Carrie adds that her decision wasn't that tough after that except she can't make herself forget about Rafe.

Sami thanks Lucas for trying to give her a drama free day and for making her laugh. Sami jokes with Lucas about his fiancee Autumn as Lucas goes to call her and tells Sami that she will love her when she meets her. Sami rejoins the kids.

Rafe grabs a newspaper and looks at job listings. Rafe says he has a baby on the way. Nicole tells him that she never expected him to support them and she will be okay. Nicole refuses Rafe's money and calls him the best fake baby daddy ever as they joke around with each other.

Carrie tells Marlena that she loves Austin and is going to do everything to make their marriage work but doesn't know why she still cares about Rafe. Marlena wants her to be happy. Carrie claims that she already is. John rejoins them and hugs Carrie. John wants to catch up but Carrie tells them to enjoy being back together while they will catch up later. Carrie says goodbye and exits. John asks if Carrie is okay. Marlena says she'll be fine and wants to know if John was talking to the ISA. John informs her that they already have an agent in Salem working to track the funds that were stolen. Marlena questions him putting their lives and future at risk to try and convict Stefano. Marlena tells him not to do it to them.

Billie goes to the DiMera Mansion. She calls out for EJ but gets no response so she shuts the doors to the living room and goes to find the folder. She opens the drawer but it's now empty. EJ walks in with the folder and asks if that's what she was looking for.

Hope continues talking to Bo and says she needs to know that he's coming back to her. Hope encourages Bo to fight. Hope tells him that she loves him as she lays with him in the bed and holds his hand. Bo's hand moves and touches Hope's hand. Hope gets excited and hopes Bo is waking up.

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